What is good about potatoes Asterix

Nowadays, the number of different varieties of potatoes is simply amazing, and they are all different! Ripening time, degree of disease resistance, nutrient content, storage conditions and taste must all be taken into account! Now we will consider what are the main qualities potatoes Asterix.
Asterix is ​​a relatively new potato variety with a table purpose.

Features of the potato variety Asterix

  1. Ripening rate: Mid-season variety
  2. Starch content: Since the variety is medium late, the starch content is above average.
  3. Taste: This variety has excellent taste and is great for deep-frying. At the same time, Asterix does not cook well for me.
  4. Morphological features: Asterix potatoes have reddish tubers, elongated-oval. The pulp of the tubers and yellow.
  5. Dry content: This variety has a fairly high dry matter content.
  6. Storage and transportation: due to its dense peel, it is resistant to mechanical damage and dark spots from impacts.
  7. Disease resistance: potatoes of the Asterix variety are practically not sore with golden nematode and cancer. Resistant to X virus. Good resistance to fusarium. Moderately susceptible to phoma and leaf-rolling virus. At the same time, the variety remains susceptible to the Y virus.
  8. Growing features: the Asterix variety does not like soils that are oversaturated with nitrogen. In dry times, the beds with this potato variety must be watered additionally. On well-cultivated soil, provided with additional irrigation, planting of elite Asterix tubers can yield 2.5-3 kg per bush.

Due to the above positive qualities, Asterix potatoes are included in the top of the best elite varieties.

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