How to plant onion sets in the garden

Onions are an essential vegetable in any garden, therefore features of its cultivation all summer residents should know. To do this, three to four days before planting it needs to be warmed up on a newspaper near a heater or in an oven at a low temperature for several hours. Then sevok ssoak for 10 hours... And then for 10 minutes they are dipped in a solution of copper sulfate, which has a disinfecting effect. How to plant onion sets after cooking, you can ask any gardener.

The soil is fertilized and loosened in advance... You can just use humus, or you can add mineral fertilizers. Onion sets are not whimsical in this regard. Next, you need to outline how the rows will be located. The distance between individual plants should be about 10 cm, and between rows approx. 20 cm... This will allow the onion's root system to grow without harming the surrounding plants.

It is necessary to sow onions at an air temperature of 10-15 degrees... The ground should already be warm enough, otherwise the onion will rot. If the temperature is lower, then the sowing can be covered with a film. At higher temperatures, onion feathers will not be juicy. You can plant sevok simply, pressing it into the soil. At the same time, the sowing depth should not be more than 3 cm. This will allow the onion to develop in the most favorable soil layer.

Onions require special care during the summer. Of course, it is important to know how to plant onion sets, but information about how to plant how to water it correctly, how often to weed and loosen the soil. Over time, experience accumulates, but until that moment, you need to constantly monitor the beds in order to prevent the death of the crop.

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