How to make a garden bed for cucumbers

Cucumbers are thermophilic plants. It is quite possible to solve the problem of temperature differences on your own, knowing how to make a bed for cucumbers... Maybe you will have to work a little more, but the time spent will soon pay off with a wonderful harvest.

To prepare a bed for cucumbers, it is necessary in the spring, as soon as it is possible to dig the soil, mark the bed, measure the length at our own request, but the width should be 1 meter. We mark the boundaries of the beds and along them we dig a trench in 1-1.5 bayonet of a shovel. and we lay twigs, last year's grass and leaves, tops, and other waste from their beds up to a thick layer. Then fill the trench abundantly with water.

Mix the soil removed from the trench with humus, add mineral fertilizers to it, a little ash in accordance with the standards, fill it up on top of the waste laid in the trench. If there are materials at hand, you can make a border around the resulting elevated bed. You can simply arrange it with an earthen embankment, making a depression in the middle. Such a bed can rise 15-20 centimeters above the soil.

From above, you can water the soil with a solution of "Baikal EM - 1", cover the bed with foil and leave for 10-12 days. During this time, the bed will warm up well, microorganisms useful for plants will have time to adapt and multiply.

It is good to plant in such a bed cucumber seedlings grown in cups in a greenhouse or even on a window. Plants need to be transplanted very carefully, taking them out with a clod of earth. Then you will need to cover the bed with a covering material that allows moisture and air to pass through, but maintains heat. In order for the plants to feel comfortable, the non-woven material must be laid with an allowance so that it does not interfere with the growth of seedlings.

Talking about how to make a bed for cucumbers, it should be noted that it is recommended to lay its entire surface with mulch, for which you can use straw, hay or just cut grass. Mulch perfectly retains moisture and a stable temperature of the soil in which cucumbers grow. As soon as the cucumbers begin to bloom, the covering material must be removed.

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