How to grow bell peppers from seeds

Bell pepper contains vitamin C, carotene and other equally useful substances. this is determined by the climatic conditions of the region.

Of course, you can buy pepper seedlings, but if you want, it is better to grow it yourself. How to grow Bulgarian seed pepper? Pepper seeds must first be soaked in a solution of wood ash or saltpeter. Then carefully remove the seeds, dry in the sun and can be planted in the soil.

Optimal for seedlings of bell peppers is from a mixture of humus and turf or peat. For 10 kg of soil mixture add 40 g of superphosphate. Seeds are sown to a depth of no more than 2 cm, then sprinkled with a mixture and watered with warm water. The containers are placed near a heat source (but the presence of sunlight is also important). The temperature required for the emergence of seedlings is 22 - 25 degrees. After germination of seedlings, it can be reduced to 15 degrees.

  • From sowing seeds to planting in a permanent place, pass 60 - 70 days.

Bell pepper seedlings dive into small pots. Before planting in the ground, the pepper needs to be hardened for some time. You can plant the bell pepper in a permanent place after the night temperature does not drop below 10 degrees.

There is nothing difficult about how to grow bell peppers from seeds. After all, in this way, you can get a varietal culture with large and tasty fruits. In addition, you will be confident that your plants are healthy, free of pests, which can be obtained as a bonus, along with the purchased seedlings.

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