What is the timing of planting beans and how to grow them

What are planting dates for beans and how to plant it? Many people rightly believe that it is better to wait until the end of the frost period. This is the best time for planting plants in the ground.

Planting beans

Green beans will be a garden decoration and will bring many benefits. We remember that it is better to plant already matured sprouts... How to plant this beneficial crop?

  • Choose only a well-lit area for any variety of beans;
  • She needs abundant watering;
  • There should be no winds or drafts;
  • Loamy sandy loam soil is suitable;
  • Before planting seeds, or rather grains, they have to be soaked for several days. It should be a solution of potassium permanganate, and then rinse well;
  • 2 seeds are planted in the seed;
  • For the sowing to sprout, very careful watering is needed.

When will the seeds germinate? It depends on the variety. But in general, it needs 15-25 days. One strong sprout remains in the hole after germination. In order for the sprouts to be piled up, they need to grow up to 10 cm.

Beans are good for supports. This is especially true for climbing varieties. Next, attention will have to be paid to the sprouts - mainly it will consist in watering, as well as in weeding. There are fertilizers that are suitable for this crop. We need phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. But it is believed that this culture is not particularly demanding on the soil. Some prolong the period of vision by planting intermittently for several weeks. These are the dates for planting beans and the rules for growing them.

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