Rowan in your garden

Mountain ash - a plant that has medicinal properties and can also be used for decorative purposes. Unlike "wild" plants, they lack bitterness in fruits. The best varieties of mountain ash: Moravskaya, Rubinovaya, Granatnaya, Nevezhenskaya.

For the content of nutrients, mountain ash belongs to multivitamin crops... It contains a large amount of vitamins C, P, E, B9. Fruits contain a lot of iron (3-4 times more than apples), iodine, pectin.

Rowan ordinary: planting and care

The rowan must be planted in a pair of 2 varieties (more can be). One - the only tree will not bear fruit. The plant is planted in autumn or early spring. Landing pits are prepared in advance. It is necessary to ensure that their size corresponds to the size of the rowan root system. Organic and mineral fertilizers are introduced into the pit: humus, superphosphate and potassium salt.

It is worth watering the tree only when there is no rainfall for a long time. It is advisable to clear the soil around the trunk of weeds, and loosen it superficially, not deeply. Make sure that no root growth is formed. Its appearance can harm and slow down the growth of trees. If the growth does appear, it needs to be cut out.

Annual care of mountain ash consists of pruning, removing thickening branches. Fertilizers should be applied in very small quantities, since they negatively affect the content of vitamins in rowan fruits.

Rowan is harvested at the end of August - September... If you delay harvesting, the fruits lose their taste and sometimes become food for birds.

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