How to properly grow tomatoes in the country?

Knowing that how to grow tomatoesYou will not only get a good harvest, but also save your time, health and nerves. Therefore, when choosing a site for planting tomatoes, be guided by this fact.

Tomatoes and their cultivation

Everything tomato varieties need care that includes watering, fertilizing, weeding, garter, disease and pest control.

Watering tomatoes
should be such that the plant stays dry and the soil is moist. Accordingly, you need to water the tomatoes at the root, without getting on their delicate leaves. Remember that if there is a lack of moisture, the ovaries and flowers may begin to fall off.

Top dressing of tomatoes
provides for the introduction of mineral fertilizers a week after planting, and then until the end of fruiting, observing a two-week interval. Tomatoes love phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium the most.

As you can see tomato care quite complex and time consuming. At the same time, you need to monitor the health of the plant. After all, tomato diseases lie in wait for you at every step.

For example, tomato seedlings may suffer from a condition such as black leg. It appears due to high humidity, insufficient ventilation and thickening of crops. To combat blackleg, it is necessary to add Trichodermin-3 to the soil a few days before sowing. Also, do not allow excess nitrogen fertilizers. In the event that the land mixture is acidic, then it must be neutralized with ash and lime.

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