Strawberry Albion is a great variety!

Strawberries are loved by all genders, ages, states and countries.

To feel the attractive aroma and to feel the sweet unique taste of an appetizing strawberry is the highest pleasure. But for experienced gardeners, not only taste is important, but also yield, productivity, and sustainability of crops.


  1. Features of the variety
  2. Growing strawberries Albion
  3. Eating strawberries Albion

Modern breeders have learned how to create fruit varieties that have as many of these qualities as possible. One of these strawberry varieties is Albion.

Features of the variety

Albion strawberries are classified as remontant varieties capable of repeated fruiting. It was bred at the University of California in the United States of America and patented there in 2006.

The Albion strawberry begins to bear fruit a year after planting. The fruiting peaks of this variety are late May, early July, late August and mid September. Albion is characterized by high yields and productivity, resistance to drought and diseases such as anthracosis and gray rot.

However, the variety is not resistant to frost, therefore, it is more suitable for closed ground.

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Depending on climatic conditions and agrotechnical level, from 400 g to 2 kg of fruits can ripen on one bush. Due to the peculiarities of vigorous shoots, the berries practically do not touch the ground. The variety is characterized by an oily sheen of the leaves. The large fruits of Albion themselves have a mass of 40-60 g. These cone-shaped berries have a very interesting color: dark red with a glossy sheen on the outside and bright pink on the inside.

Growing strawberries Albion

The Albion variety is positioned for the climate of the USA, Canada, Italy, some regions of Europe and for the southern regions.

The best time to plant Albion is in early spring after the start of field work or in early autumn after rains.

Before planting, plants should be kept in a cool, damp place for up to 6 days (no more!). The ideal soil for planting Albion is moderately moist. It is extremely important to add humus to the soil before planting, since this variety "loves" organic matter very much. It is recommended to keep the seedling boxes in the shade during planting. Watering after planting is required.

Both rooted and non-rooted tendrils can be grown by increasing the number of seedlings. When growing strawberries, new large rosettes immediately take root in a permanent place, at a distance of about 30 cm from the mother bush. In the first year, it is necessary to pluck out the peduncles, allowing the root system and greenery to grow. So the harvest for the year of planting will not appear, but the next year there will be plenty of it.

As noted earlier, Albion is resistant to diseases, so you should not do treatment against them. It will be enough just to treat the plant with Phytosporin for prevention. It should also be sprayed with iodine solution to avoid brown spots.

Strawberries Albion do not tolerate heat and may even stop bearing fruit at temperatures above 30 C. During drought, it withers, but with an excess of moisture, it gives watery, not very sweet fruits with reduced taste. Does not like this capricious variety and frosty weather. Like the vast majority of strawberry varieties, Albion can be spotted.

Albion strawberries will delight the owner only under conditions of the highest degree of care, which means drip irrigation, growing under cover and feeding.

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You can grow this miracle not only in the garden, but also at home. Growing vegetables and decorative flowers on the balcony is no longer an amazing phenomenon, which cannot be said about strawberries, which give sweet fruits all year round. However, Albion growing at home requires special care.

The container in which the plant is planted should be 3 liters in volume per shoot. There should be holes at the bottom of this container. Over which excess water will drain. Bushes should be spaced about 25 cm apart. Of course, strawberries need to be watered regularly and fed with mineral and manure fertilizers a couple of times a month.

Eating strawberries Albion

Albion can be ranked among the best varieties of strawberries, since its pleasant aroma and divinely sweet taste are worthy of the highest praise.

Berries of this variety, of course, are best consumed fresh - this is how all the delights of their great taste are felt, and all the useful vitamins enter the body. Strawberry Albion protects the body from viruses, prevents colds. This type of strawberry is also actively used in the confectionery industry. Albion will add spice to various sweet pastries.

Its unique strawberry aroma is also used in perfumery and cosmetology.

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Indeed, strawberries of the Albion variety, grown in a favorable climate and proper care, have many excellent properties derived from their best "predecessors". It is not for nothing that it is one of the leading varieties in all respects that can be purchased at an affordable price.

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