Hosta: variety

Gold Regal

The Gold Regal is a decidedly large plant, reaching a meter in diameter and 90 cm in height, preferring sunny exposures to optimally develop its color. The leaves appear large and thick, oval in shape with deeply etched veins, chartreuse green; they tend to turn yellow green during the summer season. The flowers of the plant are large bell-shaped, violet, carried on pruinose scapes 80 cm high.

Fragrant Gold

The Fragrant Gold is a kind of medium size that loves exposure to the sun or half the sun, very impressive as an isolated specimen. The leaves are large, appressate, wavy, oval, heart-shaped, light green and tend to be glaucous in the center. Its funnel-shaped flowers appear lavender, delicately scented with high scape and large bracts.

Sum and Substance

The variety Sum and Substance is a species of very large size, fond of sun-exposed or sunny exposures, of great effect when used as an isolated specimen. It has large, heart-shaped, light green leaves tending to yellow. The flowers are bell-shaped, pale lavender, carried on high scape. Of rapid growth and good resistance to adversity, it is one of the most widespread and successful varieties.

Hosta Stiletto

A small-sized variety, the Hosta Stiletto has a tufted shape 30 cm in diameter and 15 cm in height, of rapid growth, stoloniferous, suitable for borders. The leaves are lanceolate, smooth but with a rippled edge, of a bright green color with a thin cream edge while the purple-violet flowers with purple and white streaks are carried high above the leaves.

Hosta Spritzer

Now let's talk about the Hosta Spritzer. It is a medium-sized variety, a lover of shade or half-shade that forms elegant compact tufts of 50 cm in diameter and 50 cm in height. The lance-shaped leaves with a wavy edge are golden yellow in the center and a thin dark green border. Pale lavender flowers.

Hosta Pacific Blue Edger

Small in size, it reaches 30 cm in height and 70 cm in diameter, a lover of shade or partial shade, very suitable for use as a border or ground cover. Heart-shaped, small, appressate, green-blue leaves. Bell-shaped flowers lavender pale, almost white, scape low, very abundant flowering.

Hosta Okazuki Special

Medium-sized plant, lover of half-shade. Dark green leaves, of good consistency, lanceolate with evident veins, elegantly carried on long petioles. Funnel-shaped, lavender-colored flower. Good snail resistance.

Hosta June

It belongs to the 'Tardiana' group, like the 'Halcyon', of which it is a mutation. Of medium size, the head reaches a diameter of 90 cm and a height of 40. Elongated oval leaves, smooth, variegated with a yellow center and thin, green blue margin. Lover of not too sunny exposures, it can slightly vary the coloring of the leaves depending on the insolation. Pale lavender flowers.

Hosta Invincible

Medium-sized plants, the tufts have a width of 80 cm and a height of 40 cm, they love bright displays, suitable for being used as a border or ground cover. Oval lanceolate leaves, very wavy, appressate, olive green above and clear below. Funnel-shaped, lavender-colored flower, sometimes double, scented, abundant and prolonged flowering.

Hosta: variety: Hosta sieboldiana Bressingham Blue

One of the most beautiful varieties of H. sieboldiana, very large in size, reaches 90 cm in diameter and 80 cm in height. It prefers shadow positions with sunbursts. Leaves large, rounded, bullous, intensely blue. Bell-shaped flowers, pale lavender, almost white.