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When creating an irrigation system, there are elements that are considered fundamental for its construction and others that are accessories. In this case we refer to both the construction of an underground system and above ground, although we must consider the due differences. In the case of the underground system, a very useful accessory to create the path that the system will have to follow are the stakes, the posts that are used to pinpoint the precise space in which the irrigation pipe will have to pass. Good design is the basis for the success of the buried system because, even if it could seem simple, in reality it is not. For this reason, those who do not wish to put themselves in the hands of expert persons must nevertheless read up on what is necessary to create a functioning system.

What are they?

The irrigation accessories are different: the control unit, the elbows, the fittings, the solenoid valves, the filters, each with specific functions that make the irrigation system truly perfect. Going to a store specializing in the sale of gardening accessories, you realize how vast the market is and how it can provide rather interesting solutions for everyone's needs. Those who approach the gardening sector for the first time must have even a superficial knowledge of it, especially if it is a question of having to create a rather complex system. Some accessories are able to improve the efficiency of the system, like the programmers, which allow to guarantee a constant irrigation to the garden without the need for the physical presence of a person. It should not be thought that these accessories are used only for underground irrigation that concerns gardens, because they are also necessary elements for above-ground irrigation that is usually used in agriculture. The irrigation filter allows both plants and crops to get clean water from sediments, when using water from rivers. The filtering is fundamental because in this way the water does not contain substances that could also cause problems to the functioning of the irrigation system itself. A valid help to know the characteristics of these elements is undoubtedly the evaluation of the descriptive card present next to each product. Going to the sales points, even if the specific function of a certain accessory is not known, it is possible to inquire.

How to choose them

Depending on the irrigation system implemented, everyone will be able to choose the appropriate accessories. When the works are entrusted to experienced and competent persons, it is not necessary to worry personally because they will be directly responsible for purchasing all that is necessary. In the above-ground irrigation system it is useless to buy pegs because the irrigation hose is placed outside and therefore can be seen precisely where it is placed, while to carry out an excavation and bury it it is necessary to have very precise references. The fittings, as well as the pipe joints, can be used in both irrigation systems. Precisely because of the differences between one type of irrigation and another, it is necessary to know how to distinguish the accessories that can be used.

Where to buy

Irrigation accessories can be purchased at gardening and DIY stores. Here it is possible to find all that is necessary for the customer to buy together all the elements for the construction of the irrigation system. The purchase can also be made on the internet by consulting e-commerce sites that deal with the sale of these items specifically. The costs vary depending on the accessory chosen, some even have rather affordable prices. In order to have clearer ideas it is always advisable to go directly to the point of sale and above all, once you have bought the item, check that it works properly otherwise it is the case to return it. The same applies if the accessory was purchased on the internet, because it is guaranteed in any case and the customer can exercise the right of withdrawal if there are obviously the necessary conditions. To be sure of purchasing the accessory indicated for your irrigation system, you can always ask the dealer for advice. Some elements such as the pickets will be used only once for the underground irrigation system, but it is useful to keep them for other uses. All the accessories are made to guarantee a good durability, so it is always preferable to buy them of good quality.

Irrigation accessories: irrigation system: Irrigation accessories

Irrigation in general involves the use of many accessories that must be purchased individually but put together they allow the general operation of the entire irrigation system of the garden. The use and purchase of the various accessories must be carried out very carefully, respecting the different needs of the garden, since in fact the accessories are not always the same for all the gardens. Their purchase must therefore be made after perhaps having received advice from someone who allows an adjustment of their use without exaggerating and then ruining the entire garden that you have. You can buy them in specialized shops, in shopping malls or even on the internet by comparing the different cards that exist on the interactive market.