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The hanging gardens have a very ancient history, some remains have been identified in the city of Babylon, besides besides the remains of the architectural testimonies there are also written testimonies. These gardens were sometimes placed even at a height of 40 meters, and these terraces housed almond, fig, walnut and pomegranate trees. The water needed for watering was brought to this height by means of buckets, and a system was also studied which guaranteed the soil to always remain moist. Nebuchadnezzar is certainly the most famous king of Babylon for hanging gardens, which will certainly remain memorable in history, he had it built for his princess so beautiful to alleviate the nostalgia for his land. Today, the roof garden continues to be one of the most interesting gardens that are very successful. The aspect so particular and then the possibility of having a real garden on the terrace is certainly an excellent solution for those who do not have a garden. Since the most distant times, when one had to realize a roof garden particular attention was paid to what was the base, so that it was made impermeable, and just as solid, to support the weight of the trees. Even in Roman times, hanging gardens were built, the mausoleum of Augustus is remembered, which is a memorable example. With the Renaissance all the major European cities began to develop the culture of the hanging garden, and even today, those attached to famous villas, are a unique testimony.

What to watch out for

Today the roof garden remains an example of a garden that is certainly very fascinating but many people fear for water infiltration, and often because of this problem they decide to give it up. Choosing the right materials you should not have this worry at all, since if the roof garden is designed using good quality waterproof materials, the problem of infiltration does not occur at all. In addition to a purely aesthetic function, the hanging gardens, in the countries where it often snows in northern Europe, are also used to retain snow thanks to the turf. The roof garden must always be inserted within the project of the house so that a terrace can be created that is suitable to bear a certain weight. If the house already exists, then before starting work it is advisable to request an inspection by specialized technicians who can guarantee the solidity of the terrace itself. When choosing plants to furnish it, it is necessary to pay attention to sun exposure, every plant needs a specific climate so its exposure becomes fundamental. These are important and fundamental characteristics, otherwise in a short time the garden risks dying. Proper maintenance of the same plants, including a good irrigation system, allows for a well-kept garden. The division of space is also important when it comes to a hanging garden, since that could be the only open space in the house. In a hanging garden it is possible to create a dining area and relaxation area, completely immersed in the greenery. You will feel perfectly at ease if the arrangement of the plants is well organized so as to create areas of shade.

Who to contact

To create a roof garden or contact a specialized company that takes care of the entire project from the design phase to the construction phase, or if you have the appropriate skills, it can also be done personally. In the first case, you can be sure that the work is done with a lot of care and attention, since it is a matter of having the professionals perform the jobs that obviously also involve the customer in the choice of plants and flowers. Also for garden maintenance, if you have little time available it is preferable to entrust it to a gardener. The cost for the construction of a roof garden also depends on the size of the terrace itself and the type of plants chosen. There are also very expensive species that can certainly be the particular element of the garden and therefore maybe you can decide to buy one or two. At the nursery you can always ask for advice indicating that the plant should be placed in a roof garden. When you decide to start the work yourself, if you have a passion for gardening, this space will also become very pleasant to care for and fix. It will be a corner of green, almost isolated from everything else, particularly because it is always at a certain height, but above all it is accessed directly from the house and you can enjoy the beauty of nature even in winter, an excellent solution for those who do not has a classic garden.

Garden design: Hanging gardens for you

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