Garden furniture

Lighting system


The garden lighting system serves both to illuminate the spaces that are used during the summer period, such as the pool area and the one dedicated to the dining area, and to make lighting in a space that, being distant from the house, it could attract some attackers.
Importance of a scheme
In order for the lighting system to be efficient it is good that it follows a precise pattern that establishes the light intensity in the different spaces. A path that can only be traveled on foot, for example, it is important that it is adequately lit to avoid reaching a certain point of the route and there is little visibility. If we are referring to a road traveled only by car, the street lamps for lighting can also be placed at a greater distance because there are car headlights to give light. The space obtained under a pergola cannot have a soft light, because there is dinner and therefore the brightness must be quite intense.

Light dosage

Dosing light may seem a simple thing but it is not. This is why it is advisable to consult an experienced person. The intervention of an electrician is essential to create the path that will illuminate the space. However, it is necessary to decide first where to place the different lighting systems. You can't think of creating a path using only recessed spotlights, often personal tastes may not correspond to what the actual needs are. A system, to be complete, must have different elements, the choice of which can be entrusted to a professional or can be purchased personally.


The need to have an electric current path is essential for the elements powered by traditional energy, while if you choose to create a lighting path in the solar-powered garden, the problem does not exist. Solar energy is applied to any kind of outdoor light and this allows it to be a very flexible element and adaptable to every need. The light intensity released is equal to a traditional light bulb, so you should not be afraid that the light may be dim. For a lighting system also the choice of the color of the elements can be important if you decide to create an outdoor space that has its own specificity, including aesthetics.

Lampposts and lamps

Lamps are generally used at the entrance, while recessed spotlights are usually used to highlight areas where particular vegetation grows, or create the perimeter of the pool or fountain, in which case the spotlights can be placed or at the base or inside the fountain itself. In the dining area you can opt for a chandelier or a lamp. Both solutions allow for a well-lit area. The chandelier needs a connection to the current and therefore it is important that there are no bare wires, otherwise you risk having serious problems. The chandelier is particularly indicated under a gazebo, perhaps made of wood. The lamp is present on the market both in the classic version and in the solar energy version. It is certainly a very interesting piece of furniture that creates a rather unusual atmosphere, giving the external space the same importance as an interior space.


The costs for an entire plant vary depending on the number of elements chosen, the model and their size. The number is chosen based on the size of the space to be illuminated, the size is instead a completely personal choice. When you are undecided on how to compose the lighting system it is important to consult an expert

Lighting system: Preventive planning

If the construction of a green space is still in the planning stage, before starting to buy the plants, it is good to create the system of pipes that will carry the current, which will then be covered by the earth. If instead we are in the presence of a garden already formed and we want to illuminate it, we must be aware that interventions will be necessary that will certainly lead to having to break up clumps of land for the passage of cables that would otherwise remain too visible. This is why it is always important to have clear ideas, otherwise you risk having to face a double expense. The costs vary, just as mentioned before, and requesting a quote serves to get an idea of ​​the total cost that will have to be faced to light up your garden. The insertion of light points is a work that must be done only once for the entire garden, thus avoiding subsequent actions. Usually the only necessary maintenance is the replacement of the bulbs should they strike, otherwise the system can remain unchanged for many years.