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The fountains are a decorative element that can be both public and private. The fountains in the large squares of our country are evidence of the passage of great sculptors who have created gigantic works of art. Today they represent the testimony of an architectural element that has an absolute and immeasurable value, as it has the important function of embellishing the urban space. The same task of 'embellishment' was then attributed to the garden fountains. The rich gentlemen wanted their garden to have one or more fountains, to enjoy the beauty and magic of the water that wells up.

The fountains today

The current trends in outdoor furniture place the fountain as a very important decorative element, but certainly not everyone can afford it if they do not have adequate space available. Today in our cities we can admire large decorative fountains but also small fountains for water use, and in the latter case we realize the importance that even in ancient Roman times was attributed to water.

Used materials

The small fountains used for drinking certainly have a different shape and are made with different materials. Cast iron is the most used material, because it is very resistant to weathering over time. The structure is very simple: a support base, a container element, a column and a tap. Even stone is a material that is quite in use especially for fountains to be placed in parks. The same model defined for public use is reproduced for the private external environment. If there is a need for a point where it is possible to draw water in an area outside the house, a fountain could be installed that is very similar to those seen along the streets of the city. In some cases the material may be different, but the function and shape remain the same.

The fountain as a decorative element of the garden

In the garden, especially if you have the space available to place a table for lunch, it becomes essential to have drinking water available. The size of the garden allows you to install or not a decorative fountain, although the latest trends emphasize how a Zen fountain can well meet the need for small spaces. It is in fact just a cockpit, where the water can also gush from a rod, creating a pleasant sound effect that does not take up much space. For those who can instead opt for the model they like the most, the market allows for a truly vast choice.

Materials and models of outdoor furniture fountains

Outdoor fountains can be chosen in stone, concrete, terracotta or synthetic material. To install a fountain it is necessary to first consider the connection to a water point and then calculate based on the space the shape that best suits it. The fountain represents the reproduction of water courses in nature and therefore completes a green space. The flow of water is very relaxing and if the fountain is lit, it becomes an element of decoration even during the night. The cascading fountains can also be made with a special dedication to DIY, by using stones you can create a waterfall from which to pour water. Similar models are also sold on the market and are often also made from synthetic material. Some models allow you to modify water features, operated by means of a small pump. The larger the fountain, the more water is needed to fill it. Usually during the winter it is advisable to empty it to prevent it from becoming excessively dirty. Proper maintenance, even if it is a fountain made of natural materials, allows its beauty to remain unaltered.

Decoration of fountains and craftsmanship

The possibility of having a fountain for many represents something indispensable to complete the furnishing of the space, for others it is the best place to place aquatic plants. Inside the public fountains, but not only, we can also find red fishes that enliven this element already quite decorative in itself. Focusing on the decorations of the fountains, it is worth underlining how the tradition of carving in stone has remained unchanged over time. Nowadays wise artisans work this material to make spectacular fountains, where the external part is decorated by hand. By commissioning a custom-made fountain, you can also choose the decoration to be sculpted, otherwise they are already available on the market. The cost of this particular model of fountains differs a lot compared to the simple fountains because it is a long and wise work that the master craftsmen must carry out. Particular and unusual, some recall the classic model of fountain, where the great sculptors tried their hand at real masterpieces. The decorative fountain still succeeds today in assuming the function of ornament of the green space just as it happened a time, above all during the Roman period, when this people showed to hold a lot to the 'culture of the water.'

Garden fountains: fountains: Garden fountains

Are you looking for a purely decorative element to embellish your green corner? Then, in all probability, the so-called garden fountains represent the solution you have been looking for for a long time, considering their low value, from a purely "functional" point of view, but at the same time, the indisputable aesthetic added value.
There are many alternatives at your disposal, both from the point of view of the shapes of the fountains, and as regards their dimensions. As far as the first variable is concerned, it will always be essential to preserve a certain stylistic coherence, in such a way as to guarantee a glance that somehow disregards the value of a single element.