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Surely the best accommodation for a car would be inside a garage, but if this is not possible, alternative solutions must be chosen. The life span of a car exposed to prolonged low temperatures or in the sun is certainly not the same as a car sheltered. However, it is possible to have structures suitable for protecting the car, choosing from a wide range of covers: wood, aluminum, plastic. These are the three most used materials, because they have a high degree of durability over time and their structure appears to be rather solid and resistant to various weather conditions.


With wood you can make a sort of cover, which remains open on four sides, and the machine is housed below. Especially if this cover has to be placed inside a garden, wood is the most suitable material, because it also has a pleasant aesthetic impact. This type of car cover can be purchased already made in DIY stores, where the customer buys and brings the cover home and in a short time is able to make it and use it. An alternative solution to wood is offered by aluminum and plastic. In any case, the cover is waterproof, and the structure is equipped with gutters for draining rainwater.


Moreover, those who wish to have a cover for the car that can be easily mounted and have a rather low cost, can orient themselves on folding tents, which have the same characteristics of a classic gazebo. The car is covered in this way, even if not completely insulated from temperature changes, but to guarantee total coverage, a car box must be purchased, thanks to which, in addition to the shelter guaranteed by the cover, there is also a side closure. The prefabricated solutions allow you to also choose car covers that are composed by means of modules, so as to make them extendable according to your needs. This means that you can buy the prefabricated model for covering just one car and then you can add other modules to cover even more than one. The car cover must be firmly anchored to the ground, usually using a bolted system that secures the entire structure. If, however, a pavement is not present, it is necessary to create concrete support bases on which to fix the entire roof.


Almost all the materials used guarantee an unlimited duration. Some, however, after several years, may require some tweaking. This is the case of wood, which when chosen for the construction of car covers, despite being treated with protective substances, after a few years, due to exposure to sun, rain, frost, and snow, needs to be painted again. When it is necessary to intervene to fix the appearance of the wood, you can take advantage of it to paint it in a different color since usually when choosing the cover for sale at a store, wood is always left in its natural appearance. In reference to plastic roofing we can say that they guarantee a very solid structure, but they certainly do not have the same level of aesthetics as a car roof made of wood. These are alternative solutions to be used when the car is parked for example at the back of the house and is not visible directly from the garden. The plastic does not need any maintenance, and some of these structures can also be easily disassembled and stored, or replaced in another space of the garden.

Car cover: Alternative covers and covers

When you decide to buy a cover for your car because you don't have a garage, keep in mind that the car is not completely protected. This is why many decide to cover it even with a specific cloth. If the problem of the lack of a garage is due to the fact that you live in rented houses, and it is not possible to place a fixed structure in the parking lot to cover your car, it is necessary to underline this need to the dealer, so that he can advise structures that do not require any particular authorization and that can also be disassembled in a short time, but at the same time guarantee the same function as a normal car cover made with other materials. The cost of the covers differs according to the size and the choice of the material, making it custom-made certainly has a greater cost. If it is necessary to make a car cover by a craftsman, it is necessary to provide him with the precise measurements of the space available to install one, so that the division of space that the customer has decided to give is respected. to his garden.