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Outdoor fountains are an element that decorates green spaces. They certainly represent an ornamental motif that many wish to have in their garden, because they create a very particular atmosphere, but not everyone can install one, not having a sufficiently large space available.


Outdoor fountains can be classified into two categories: furnishing fountains and fountains for 'water' use. The fountains used to decorate the garden are only a reason for completing the green space. The large gardens are often 'filled' with tall trees, plants and flowers, but the corner dedicated to the dining area or around the pool represents the most intimate area. An unused space, in this case, can be filled with the outdoor fountain.

Materials and models

Outdoor fountains are made in different materials and shapes because the market of recent years has become increasingly demanding. The choice of material also influences the style of the garden: stone or concrete are the two most suggested alternatives. In both cases, these are two very resistant materials and therefore do not suffer damage, being among other things the fountains placed outside. The stone is a natural material and often the outdoor fountains made with this material have the basin entirely decorated by the work of skilled artisans, who sculpt it creating very particular motifs. Cement is more suited to large fountains; moreover it is a material that lends itself to any shape, in fact there is no problem to shape it because it is enough to create a cast of the desired structure.


In both cases the ornamental outdoor fountains must be adequately cleaned to prevent rainwater from dirtying them; they must be emptied periodically and perhaps left empty during the winter period.

Stage effects

The large outdoor fountains also allow the creation of interesting water features, which can create a truly exclusive relaxation corner with adequate lighting. Outdoor fountains consist of a base and a tank that has the task of containing water, depending on the model there may also be more than one bathtub, and other decorative motifs that could represent animals or anything else.

Wall fountain

The outdoor fountains, also called "wall fountains", represent a fountain with a completely different function from the one described above: they allow you to have a space in which drinking water flows. Very interesting is its presence in a garden that is very far from the house: it serves for the most varied uses and is very comfortable. Its structure, which can be made with the same materials as outdoor fountains for ornamental use, as well as cast iron, consists of a base that supports a column or a container, and a tap from which water flows. This outdoor fountain is placed next to a wall. The same model of outdoor fountain can be chosen in the version without a support for the wall, and therefore placed in the center of a green space, a bit like the public fountains.

New trends

Outdoor fountains in recent years, also following outdoor trends, are also made with the use of synthetic materials such as plastic. They mostly fit into fountains in the shape of waterfalls: the latter, instead of being made of stones, are made of molded and colored plastic in the shape of a stone. The water flows from one floor to the other, flowing slowly until it reaches a container basin.

Visual and auditory sensations, particular models

While the 'classic' outdoor fountains are traditionally known for the classic jet of water, the latter represent the water that flows by reproducing the natural waterfalls. It is very relaxing to listen to the flowing water: this is why the fountain becomes a pleasant element to admire, but also to listen to. Beyond the purely aesthetic fact, the flowing water reproduces a natural sound that integrates perfectly into the garden, and makes the atmosphere really pleasant. The outdoor fountains in Zen style perfectly show how this element of decoration can be something useful also for our well-being; very simple and essential, they are represented by a small container, usually in stone, where the water pours out, in some cases from a bamboo rod. The aquatic plants decorate this outdoor fountain, which for us Italians is certainly unusual and particular, but which is starting to be very appreciated because, being an often small element, it finds its place even in gardens with slightly reduced spaces. By resorting to a zen-style outdoor fountain, one must not renounce the pleasure of flowing water because the space, albeit limited, allows you to create a conversation area next to this burst of water. Outdoor fountains, whatever the model chosen, always remain an element that enriches and makes a simple green corner more refined.

Outdoor fountains: fountains: Outdoor fountains

Do not do without a consultation, like the one you will find on this page, about the so-called outdoor fountains. If you are a lover of a similar element for decorating your green corner, you will not be able to ignore some tips that we will try to provide you on this brand new page.
Specifically, we invite you to reflect on two crucial moments, which could condition their selection: first and foremost, "always protect" a certain stylistic coherence in choosing how to furnish your green corner, but above all take a clear and unequivocal decision among the fountains purely decorative and those that instead focus on their main functionality.