Garden furniture

Stone waterfalls


The garden waterfall is an element that reproduces the same effect as natural waterfalls but in a reduced version, which can be easily inserted into one's own garden. The waterfall introduces a continuous sound of water, when it is chosen in stone, it integrates perfectly within a natural context such as the garden. The stone is a natural element that shows itself to be rather resistant over time and does not change its appearance at all. To make a stone waterfall, you must first have the appropriate boulders to create a rather pleasant effect. The stone waterfalls are opposed to the plastic waterfalls, which although they reproduce the same shape, are made of plastic material. The choice between the waterfall made of stone and the one made of plastic is entirely related to the client's tastes and also to the budget he intends to spend. Inside a garden, even if it is not a water garden, the waterfall has an aspect that allows you to have a pleasant relaxation area, where perhaps by inserting a garden lounge, you can rest and relax with friends . The pleasant sound of flowing water, associated with the visual effect of the water jump, allows you to have a truly magical corner, even more if you decide to light it up to make it clearly visible even at night.

How to achieve it

The stone waterfalls can be an important and strongly characterizing element of the garden or just a complement that can be added at a later stage. When it comes to a water garden, the stone waterfall becomes a focal point on which to focus one's attention, above all because it will be surrounded by a series of plants that will make this corner even more interesting. The stone waterfall can be made using simple elements, first of all it is essential to have stones of the right size to create the waterfall jump. The size of the waterfall must be proportional to the space available, it is not very pleasant to see inside a small garden, a cascade of disproportionate dimensions also because it would take up too much space that could be destined for the subdivision of other more usable spaces. Going to a store specializing in outdoor stones, you can find the stones to make your own waterfall. The stones must be placed at the top and the water must flow over them and then fall into a container where it will be collected. The operation of the waterfall is made possible through the use of a small pump that allows the water to rise up above the summit and then return to the same position, therefore having a continuous flow of the same water. The stones on the top must be firmly fixed, the water collection container can also be made of stone, to give a more natural look to the whole.

Stone cascades: How to illuminate it

The cascade of water has a very particular effect you can admire during the day but it becomes even more scenic if admired during the night. To be able to admire it during the night it is necessary to have an adequate lighting system that can create a particular effect in this area. There are some lights, very similar to small circular lights, which can be installed along the perimeter of the waterfall to emphasize its presence, but if you want to focus your attention on the water jump, then it will be fundamental to illuminate the waterfall from above , perhaps creating a support structure where a spotlight will project the light from top to bottom. The lighting is used to make a dark garden space usable, but it deserves special attention as it is particularly pleasant both during the day and during the night. The waterfall can be left in continuous operation even during the winter period, avoiding operation during the colder periods when the water could freeze. If the waterfall is made by specialized technicians for the construction of water gardens, they will be able to advise themselves on the best method of lighting and they will surely also be able to illustrate by means of leaflets what will be the final result. The work of DIY could be very interesting for those who find it particularly stimulating to complete their garden with similar elements, and going to specialized shops, you will still receive adequate information on the choice of one material rather than another.