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Lava stone grill


The traditional barbecue is equipped with a grill on which to place the elements to be cooked, generally made of aluminum. In some cases, however, it can also be made with lava stone. The lava stone is the same that is used in gas barbecues, the characteristics are the same: it is able to heat up in a relatively short time and to maintain the temperature reached very long. It is a solution mainly adopted by restaurants, which need to serve a greater amount of food and also have a grill that is always ready for use, to roast any kind of dish. The weight is higher than that of a classic grill.

Precautions for use

It appears to be rather rough in appearance. When there is cooked food that drips fat, and there is no container to collect it, it may come off and it should be removed with a brush to use whenever a different type of food is to be grilled. The size varies depending on the barbecue, usually the stone is housed on a support that supports it and also allows an easy extraction. When the barbecue is in operation, the grill must never be touched directly with your hands, but a pincer must be used and the cleaning phase must always be carried out several hours after the barbecue has been switched off. Those who know they have many guests find it the ideal solution. Less recommended is for those who use the barbecue only rarely or to cook food for their family. The lava stone grill is always an excellent solution when more people are invited, it can be purchased the same size as your barbecue and replaced with the steel one when necessary. It is thicker and coarser in its form, and before being washed with detergents it is always necessary to ask the retailer which substances can be used so that the lava stone does not lose its original characteristics. Furthermore, this type of grill allows even whole foods to be cooked, such as a whole chicken, because the high temperature allows perfect cooking.

Choice of the grid

When choosing a barbecue, it is important to know all its elements in order to opt for the model that can better meet the needs of your family. Being a sector that offers a rather wide choice, it is necessary to inform oneself about the characteristics of each model and evaluate it carefully. Asking for information at the point of sale helps to understand how advisable it is to make a certain choice. If we dwell on the grill we know that it has a very important role, also because for example to cook small dishes or vegetables, a narrower grill will be necessary. The choice to buy a barbecue with a lava stone grill comes from the need to always have a properly heated grill ready.

Properties of the lava stone grill

Compared to traditional grills, the heat disperses more slowly. That is why, even after some time that has been used, it allows you to continue cooking quietly. Learning to know the substantial differences between a grill and another when choosing a barbecue helps to find your way around the best model. Furthermore, in order for the grill to last for a long time, it is important to follow the instructions provided by the retailer regarding the use of detergents in a specific way.


It is advisable to keep the barbecue in a clean and dry area throughout the winter period, to facilitate the subsequent cleaning phase as well. It is not always possible, however, to house it inside your garage. In this case it will be necessary to cover it adequately, so that the water cannot penetrate it. For those who underestimate the need to protect it from atmospheric agents, one must realize that if well guarded it will guarantee a rather long duration in time.

The cost

The cost of a lava stone grill depends very much on its size, and it can be found at all gardening outlets but also in shops that sell barbecues. Only by using it will it be possible to take into account the differences compared to a traditional grid and once used it will be preferred to replace it with the previous one. For those who have never heard of this grid, they can begin to understand its advantages by going to a store. Moreover, it is emphasized that, being used also at the catering level, it means that it guarantees an excellent yield and that the expense is worth being addressed. The barbecue if well equipped is able to make you live a really pleasant moment.

Lava stone grill: barbecue: Lava stone grill

Lava stone is a stone with very particular characteristics and it is for this reason that in recent times it is often used and mounted also on classic supports such as barbecues as a single grill, or used at home as a grill if you do not have a garden .
The main feature of the lava stone regards its ignition and heating capacity.
A stone that can reach a high degree of heat in a short time, but not only.
A stone that manages to keep this degree of heat for a long time.
To the advantage of cooking foods that do not lose their nutritional characteristics as they can be cooked using natural methods.