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Barbecue steel


Steel has always been known as a rather durable and easy to clean material. For this reason, different types of steel barbecues have been made. The models we are used to seeing are rather small ones with lids, which however guarantee excellent food cooking. The material with which these barbecues are made is able to spread heat evenly. Often professional models are also made of stainless steel, they do not require special maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a specific detergent for steel. When it is said that the steel barbecue can also be left outside, it must be emphasized that it is a habit that is best avoided during the winter period. These models are often equipped with wheels to allow easy movement and should be placed inside an enclosed space or at least protected from rain.

The support structure

By analyzing the structure of a classic steel barbecue we can emphasize all the elements that make it up. First of all, the support structure, which serves to support the weight of the brazier, the structure of the barbecue itself, the lid for closing, an eventual lateral support surface, an external thermostat for checking the temperature and a grill.
The models that have a rather considerable size have a rectangular support structure, where two wheels on one side may also be present, which must be locked when the barbecue is in use.

The grid

The size of the brazier determines the size of the grill, rather reduced in the versions of the round barbecue, suitable above all for family use. The large steel barbecue, on the other hand, has not only a rather large grill but also generally another grid placed at a higher level, used to cook dishes that require a lower degree of heat, or used to leave as much heat as possible. already cooked.

The cover

When the lid of the barbecue is closed, the internal temperature tends to rise. In some cases this can be verified through an external temperature detector that indicates the degree reached and this helps to speed up cooking times. Inside this barbecue it is also possible to find the iron for spit-roasted chicken, and when it comes to a rather large barbecue, you can also cook more than one.


The grill is undoubtedly the part of the barbecue that requires greater care because it must always be perfectly clean with each new use. This is crucial because, if you change food to be cooked and the grill is not washed, it will take on the flavor of previously cooked food. The steel grill should be washed with soap and water and only after it has dried completely should it be stored and can be used. The internal structure of the barbecue, instead, must be dusted with a dry rag and thanks to the lid, it is possible to prevent small animals from being introduced inside, thus having a greater guarantee of cleanliness. Externally the steel, if treated with a specific deterrent, will remain shining for a long time. Obviously over time it will tend to lose its brilliance, but if it is always cleaned properly it can remain in its initial state for many years. Those who do not have the possibility of being able to put the barbecue inside an enclosed space must at least cover it with a plastic sheet, and try to place it in an area that is as sheltered as possible.

Barbecue steel: Costs and models

The steel barbecue can also be used on the terrace and, thanks to the many models available, even those with only a small balcony will not have to give up the pleasure of a barbecue. Each model certainly has different characteristics that will affect the cost. It generally starts from a rather affordable price for medium-sized models, while those that are more equipped will certainly have a higher cost. Using a small barbecue when you have a lot of people at lunch means that there is always a need for someone to cook, while if you decide to buy a big one you can have lunch together, because the grill will allow you to cook more food. . Furthermore, by closing the food inside the extinguished barbecue, after having finished cooking it, it can be kept warm for a long time and then served on the table also at a later time.