Garden furniture

Garden wood ovens


The garden that allows you to have enough space to place even an oven in it makes the space even more complete. Sometimes the barbecues are designed to have a small oven in addition to the grill. The latter, although small in size, will be rather useful for cooking a tasty pizza. However, when deciding to place a wood-burning garden oven, the choice will be either on a prefabricated model or on a custom-made model. There are built-in garden wood-burning ovens, which have a structure similar to a classic oven and when they are completely recessed the coating tends to give it a rather interesting appearance. Moreover, in this case, the oven can be placed alongside the masonry barbecue.

Unique taste

The need that drives anyone to make a wood-burning garden oven is first of all the desire to taste dishes with a genuine taste, since it is undeniable to consider the food cooked in a wood-burning oven with a flavor very different from a traditional cooking. First of all, inside the wood-burning oven particular woods like the olive are burned. The same combustion will give the food a unique flavor. Once the wood-burning oven is heated, it can be used for a variety of reasons: to bake bread, pizza, and anything else in a traditional oven.

Prefabricated or build wood-fired oven

Going back to examine the various models of garden wood oven, beyond the solution of the prefabricated, which is shown to be the best for those who want to immediately equip their green corner of an oven and use it immediately, we can also emphasize the importance who can have a custom-made wood oven. It allows you to make it in the sizes that best meet your needs, the larger the wood-fired oven the greater its capacity.


To carry out this work it is essential to have a minimum of knowledge because it requires times and abilities that cannot be of anyone. The base of the oven It is essential that the base of the oven is made accurately because it must support the entire weight of the structure. It will also be necessary to leave adequate space to insert the insulators. We need to make a small excavation that is larger than the size of the oven, covering it with inert drainage material. Free is the choice for the use of the basement material, you can use exposed bricks or concrete blocks, which will then be plastered. The horizontal support plane must be made with great care and attention. Furthermore, the insulating layer must be as thick as the heat intensity that will propagate inside the oven, to avoid heat dispersion. The wood-fired oven, once turned on, is able to guarantee a rather high temperature for a long time. The heat is distributed evenly within the structure and remains there for many hours.

The clay oven

However, this particular model requires a certain economic expenditure, while if you want to have a cheaper oven but still make it according to your wishes you can always orient yourself on a model made of clay. Using sand, clay and some refractory bricks, it will be possible to quickly build a comfortable wood-fired oven which, although less durable than a traditional oven, will still allow you to cook any type of food.

Prefabricated ovens

The prefabricated ovens consist essentially of two parts: the base and the oven. The base is open to allow the wood to be deposited, the upper part, properly called the oven, has a small roof and a chimney. Designed to withstand the elements, the access area to the oven is closed by a door. These models are sold already made and ready to use, you just need to fix them to the ground. Furthermore, the wood-fired oven must be thoroughly cleaned from ashes and fire residues after switching on.

Garden wood ovens: Cooking methods

If you need to cook bread or pizza, you will also need to put a damp cloth through it. To verify that everything is fine during cooking, you can use the small sliding door placed on the same lane as the door for closing. For the subsequent cooking, it will be necessary to enter the half of the quantity of wood previously used. Each food has different cooking times. If you want to cook all together, the oven opening must take place to insert the pan with the new dish, otherwise too many openings would cause the dispersion of heat and the consequent lowering of the temperature.