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Charcoal barbecue


Charcoal is a fuel derived from wood and purified, excellent for lighting the barbecue. There are different types of charcoal on the market, but beyond quality it is also important to know how to light it. In any case it is always advised not to use flammable substances such as alcohol, and in case of difficulties, it is advisable to buy only specific products in liquid or tablet form. Before use, always read the instructions on the product.

How to turn it on

The charcoal must be distributed in a layer inside the barbecue and then turned on. It may happen that it goes out easily, in this case the flame can be fed by wind. When you decide to organize a barbecue it is important to light the charcoal in advance as it takes time to warm up and then allow you to cook the food. The charcoal is ready when a light layer of ash has been created on each piece of coal. The heat released is able to last for many hours and therefore allows you to grill a lot of food. The charcoal must absolutely not be touched with the hands after having been turned on, since even the coals that may appear to be turned off are very hot. It is always necessary to use a pincer for the chimney to move the various coals, or to widen them if the intensity of the heat is too intense on one side only.

How to turn off and store the coals

The coals must go out by themselves without spilling the water and only then should you carefully remove the ash, which in the long run could ruin your barbecue. The still intact coals can be reused and then placed in another container. There is no need to fear that grilled meat may have some strange taste because even the ignition oils are designed specifically for this function. Although it is a small fire, the lighted charcoal must never be left unattended, either because it may go out or because some burning embers, especially in the presence of wind, could cause damage. These are important steps to follow to enjoy your barbecue in complete tranquility.

On the market

Charcoal is sold in bags of different weights, the one left over for a future barbecue. The barbecues on the market are almost all suitable for ignition with charcoal, since it is the most requested method. The cost of a charcoal barbecue, again depending on the size, is lower than the cost of a gas barbecue. For those who like to cook grilled meats it is essential to have this barbecue model available, and if you also love outings, then you will need to choose a foldable and easily transportable model.


The cleaning of the charcoal barbecue is approximately the same as that of the wood barbecue. Only after having removed the cooled coals can the interior be cleaned using a small brush used only for this function. You should never pass a wet rag inside, as it will eventually rust your barbecue. The grill can be removed and washed under running water. Each barbecue has different levels on which to place it, just to ensure optimal cooking of the food. You must never leave it outside during the winter period because it could be damaged, it is always preferable to cover it with a cloth and store it in the garage, the space it occupies is really minimal.

Different uses of charcoal

Charcoal can also be used to make tasty winter barbecues, directly in your own fireplace, turning the coals over in the place of wood and placing a grill on them. Coal burns longer than wood and this allows you to have a grill always ready. When it is necessary to remove the charcoal from the bag, avoid doing it without gloves so as not to get your hands dirty with black. If the charcoal is used for a barbecue on the beach, just turn it off to cover it with sand. The old method of lighting with matches and newspapers can work, but only if you have a minimum of experience. At DIY or gardening stores, where you can buy charcoal, you also sell all the complementary barbecue equipment as well as endless solutions to facilitate the ignition of the charcoal and the cleaning of the barbecue.

Charcoal barbecue: Positive aspects of the charcoal barbecue

A small charcoal barbecue, if kept in good condition, can last for over ten years. Cooking on the charcoal allows you to savor more genuine and natural tastes and certainly staying in the garden without getting carried away by the frenetic rhythms of daily meals also helps to relax. Indeed, for many people the barbecue becomes a moment of pure relaxation, an opportunity to be at peace with your family. For others it is a real "rite" to be performed at least weekly. In short, everyone feels the need to dine comfortably in the garden and there is nothing better that can satisfy this need for a comfortable barbecue.