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Outdoor terracotta floors


Outdoor terracotta is a special type of terracotta made to withstand even temperature changes adequately. It is unthinkable to be able to use indoor terracotta for the outdoor space, because it would be too delicate. The terracotta exterior is used for the covering of stairs, but also for tiling large areas of the garden, such as the dining area, because in this way cleaning is facilitated. In appearance, it obviously resembles terracotta from inside, so even in this case it goes quite well with a rustic style. When you go to purchase at a store, you must specify that it is a terracotta that must be used in an outdoor area. Also in this case, the choice is rather wide as regards the quality of the tile, but above all for its size. The specific features of the cooked for outdoors make it particularly durable and long-lasting, so the customer has no need to replace it at all. Since it is a particular cotto, continuously exposed to bad weather, you don't have to worry about paying particular attention to cleaning. Naturally we advise against using substances that are not indicated which could attack the tile itself.


The cooked for outdoors It has specific characteristics that make it suitable for outdoor space because it is resistant to the action of atmospheric agents and to continuous trampling, it does not deform due to temperature changes and guarantees excellent durability while maintaining its beauty. Generally, the choice to use terracotta for the outdoor space is made if it is also used inside the home. Even in the garden the terracotta is able to give a very rustic style and particularly suitable for country villas, combining with rather traditional accessory elements.

How to choose it

The cooked for outdoors offers the customer different color solutions. He will therefore have to appeal only to his personal taste to choose what seems to him to be most suitable for his garden. For a better choice it is advisable to compare two tiles of different colors also bringing them home to actually realize what the overall effect could be. Subsequently the choice can be oriented on a monochromatic floor or alternating tiles of different colors. The work must be carried out by skilled workers, but it can also be carried out personally if you have the necessary ability.


The costs related to the tiling of an outdoor space are related to the choice of the type of terracotta because the higher the quality, the higher the price. Obviously this is a completely personal choice, even if it is advisable to orientate oneself on tiles that have a discreet quality and therefore can guarantee a rather long duration in time. To get a more precise idea of ​​the cost it is only necessary to go to a sales point and request a quote that can be executed only after the worker has measured the space to be tiled. In this way, the customer can actually be aware of the expense that must be incurred.

Outdoor terracotta floors: Where to buy

If you decide to choose an artisan product, you need to budget a certainly higher cost than buying a classic terracotta. The craftsmanship certainly can be noticed by the careful eye of someone who is an expert in cooked. In many areas of Italy where the terracotta craftsmanship is still practiced, it is possible to go directly to the laboratory to order the necessary quantity. Also on the Internet there are several sites that offer the possibility of buying tiles directly online. In this case, however, some attention must be shown because the customer cannot see the tiles personally, but must be satisfied with a series of photographs that will be used to illustrate the product together with a description. The product is delivered directly to your home and, should the customer become aware of any defect, the tiles must be returned to the sender. The site contains all the conditions relating to the sale, but also to the return of the non-compliant product. For this reason, the customer is always invited to read everything necessary before placing the order.