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Antique terracotta floors


Ancient terracotta is a very particular type of terracotta because it is made using the same techniques of the past. It is a matter of an artisanal process that requires a certain manual skill, but above all patience and love towards this profession. In various areas of Italy, there are still kilns dating back to the nineteenth century, fully functional, inside which the tiles are cooked. The clay used to make the ancient terracotta is kneaded by hand, then placed in special molds and left to dry in the sun. After a certain period of time, the tiles are ready to be baked. It is precisely this procedure that gives the terracotta not only the particular color, but also the small visible veins. Ancient terracotta requires a very slow manufacturing process. We can say that every single tile is personally made. From this it can be deduced that this particular type of cotto certainly has a different cost from the one that can be found inside a store. The expert eye naturally knows how to distinguish the ancient terracotta from a common terracotta, because the antique one has specific characteristics that common terracotta does not have.


The ancient terracotta is very pleasant in appearance, it is used above all for the flooring of classic or rustic spaces, even if sometimes it is also found in modern apartments to create a contrast with the contemporary style. When you go to the store to buy antique terracotta tiles, the customer must be prepared to recognize if it is actually old terracotta, otherwise you risk buying tiles that do not correspond to the quality that was paid for. To be certain of the quality of antique terracotta you can also go directly to a furnace, ordering the necessary quantity. Depending on your needs, the same craftsman will indicate the relative times for production. Furthermore, the ancient terracotta must always be washed carefully so that it can retain its original appearance over time, using only specific products and letting the dealer advise you.

How to choose it

You must choose antique terracotta taking into account your needs. Of course there are different shades of color so you have to look for the one that best suits your personal tastes. The choice can also be recommended by the retailer, but it is still up to the customer to decide which type of tile may seem the most suitable for his home.

Where to buy

Ancient terracotta, as mentioned earlier, can be purchased directly from a furnace. In this case there is the certainty that it is a terracotta handcrafted. Alternatively, you can entrust yourself to a specialized retailer by clarifying precisely that only tiles made by hand must be purchased. In this case, the customer must be rather perceptive and prepared to recognize that they are actually handmade tiles. More difficult task could be to have to buy the tiles on the internet because in this case there will be only photographs and a description to complete everything. It is advisable to check the quality of the terracotta tiles on delivery and, if they do not correspond to the description, you must proceed to send them back. Often the customer can be fooled by a rather affordable cost, but it must always bear in mind the quality of the product purchased, because otherwise after a few years the tiles could lose their original appearance.


The costs related to ancient terracotta certainly cannot be compared to the cost of industrial terracotta, since it is a completely manual process that requires time and skill. Those who decide to orient themselves specifically on antique terracotta know that they are buying a high quality product that will certainly give the house an added value. Of course the cost also depends on the size of the surface to be tiled. To get an estimate of the actual costs to be incurred it is necessary to add the cost necessary for the purchase of the tiles to the cost to be incurred for the laying of the latter. It is good, however, to reiterate that an antique terracotta floor guarantees a rather long duration, preserving its beauty unaltered. Therefore it is a purchase that is made only once and for this reason it is advisable to move towards a product that is of good quality.

Antique terracotta floors: garden design: Antique terracotta floors

If you really want to discover the added value that is able to guarantee you a very important factor for the furnishing of your green corner, as in the case of antique terracotta floors. We are in the presence of an element that presents a series of characteristics that you cannot ignore, to always be a step ahead in the gardening world.
In particular, thanks to the antique terracotta floors, you will bet on an item made in a traditional way (one of the last remaining), which for this reason requires a slightly higher cost than normal. Not to be overlooked, then, the attention and care that you will have to reserve for the pavement: only in this way will its qualities remain intact over time.