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Terracotta is a very particular and rather recognizable type of floor. Its processing can also be performed by hand, it is worked in different parts of Italy, in each of which has a different typology. Terracotta is a floor that is immediately recognizable, especially due to its particular color. The one made by hand could also present small irregularities due to the artisan workmanship. Naturally, a handmade terracotta has certainly a certain value and contributes to furnish the home with class and style. The terracotta floor can be composed of tiles of different sizes or using tiles of different colors to create decorative motifs. In this way the terracotta revives and never becomes monotonous, even if it is used for the whole house.

Hand cooked

The handcrafted terracotta follows an ancient tradition that even today skilled craftsmen continue over time, but always using the same techniques. The clay is first kneaded by hand and then left to dry inside molds specially made to create the size of the tile. Once the drying process is complete, the clay tile is baked in ancient kilns, which give it its typical color. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, in different areas of Italy the terracotta is handcrafted. In the Chianti area, within a geological structure, it is possible to find materials of clay origin, from which component the cotto is obtained, which is resistant to the point of being able to be used also for an external pavement. Whoever decides to create a floor with hand-made terracotta must also be able to recognize the specific characteristics and qualities. In this way, an authentic product is purchased that enriches the home space.

Care and maintenance

The terracotta floor can be polished or opaque. Depending on the type, specific cleaning products must be purchased. The use of aggressive substances could compromise the surface appearance of the cotto, therefore, asking for information from the same retailer, it will be possible to buy only special detergents that will adequately preserve the terracotta floor. This type of flooring guarantees good durability if it is treated appropriately, so it is advisable, in particular for glossy terracotta, to have it periodically viewed by a specialized company, so that it can be realized whether polishing is necessary or not .


The laying of the terracotta floor is carried out by laying the tiles in the direction chosen by the customer. The size of the tile and the choice of color affect the overall appearance. Using decorative motifs in the center of the floor, the entire room is livened up. The motifs can be chosen directly by the customer from a catalog or by personally bringing a design.


The cost of a terracotta floor varies according to the quality of the terracotta chosen and based on the size of the area to be paved. To get a clearer and more precise idea, the customer is advised to go directly to a specialized sales point to request a quote. Naturally, when you orient yourself on hand-made terracotta, the costs increase, because you must consider the craftsmanship of the product. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that a terracotta floor certainly adds value to the home itself. The cotto also guarantees a good durability, therefore it is an investment that can be considered unique. For this reason it is always advisable to buy good quality terracotta and above all to preserve it adequately using only specific products.

Terracotta floors: garden design: Terracotta floors

Discovering all the details that lie behind a world, like that of terracotta floors, from today is decidedly simpler, in light of the very practical information we will try to offer you, about a context much more important than how often believes, relatively to the furnishing of its own green corner.
Why bet on a solution like that of terracotta floors? First of all, we are in the presence of an element capable of protecting the environment, considering the importance of water and fire, natural elements, for its realization. Secondly, their ability to adapt to various styles achievable in furnishing the home garden cannot be ignored.