Garden furniture

Garden showers


The shower is an element present both in public swimming pools and in private swimming pools, because it allows the bather to wash and take off the ointment of sunscreen or whatever, to prevent the pool water from getting dirty. Many believe that it is only the overcrowded pools that require the need for a shower, but in reality it is not so, because even a private swimming pool, used by a single family, could get dirty with greater ease if their components did not make a quick first shower. It is true that the pool is equipped with a pump and the action of the filter is precisely that of catching dirt, but as a matter of personal hygiene it is always preferable to wash before entering the tub.

Solar showers

Today solar showers are very fashionable: it is a shower that heats water thanks to the heat of the sun. This means that it is also an ecological shower, there is no waste of electricity, and well water could also be used if it could be used. The models of solar showers on sale can be self-supporting or to be fixed to the wall. The self-supporting showers can be placed anywhere in the garden, and in some cases, they are fixed with the base directly to the ground. Those to be fixed to the wall need instead a support base on which to place them. In some cases, the shower has a base on which to climb, made of a wood that has been made impermeable and which, if properly treated, can be used for many years.

The shower head

The shower head, based on the size and pressure of the water, guarantees the same effectiveness as an internal shower, which is why often the garden shower is used not only for a quick shower before entering the tub, but also for a complete wash with shampoo. If the shower is used for shampooing, it is preferable not to place it in a space too close to the pool, to prevent it from getting dirty with soap, and perhaps even creating a drain area. If the solar shower is used by a limited number of people, the water that will be used for rinsing will always be hot, but if it is used by many people, there is the risk that sooner or later it will become cold, since it uses for heating a certain number of hours. In the summer this usually happens very rarely, because the water tends to heat up very quickly, especially during the afternoon, thus offering an excellent solution for those who want to have a shower in the garden. If instead you want to provide for the creation of a garden shower, without resorting to the purchase of an already made, this can be created by purchasing a classic shower head. By placing it in a water connection, the water will be heated by the sun and delivered through a tap. The base on which to rest will be made of wood, on the market there are various types of comfortable and inexpensive platforms.


The creativity of each person can then lead to personalizing your shower by inserting, for example, an area with a storage compartment, where you can place what is necessary to wash. Although there is a shower in the garden, it is always advisable to have a bucket of clean water next to the tub to be used to rinse your feet, because while walking from the shower to the bathtub, even if paved, you can always dirty your feet and you can then bring this dirt directly into the water. It is advisable to create a single flooring area that starts from the pool up to the shower, made with specific materials, which tend to heat up with great difficulty to allow bathers to pass even when they are barefoot.

The 'design' shower

Today the garden shower has become so important that it can also be chosen in the 'design' version. It means that many designers have decided to make this object something that can be admired in the garden, almost like a work of art. What makes a designer shower is certainly its shape and color. Sometimes you notice unusual shapes and bright colors, and in this case the cost of the shower is higher than in the classic shower. If your pool is home to a large number of friends, it is also good to place more than one shower, while if the space available is small, it is necessary to limit yourself to using only one.

Garden showers: Maintenance in the winter period

During the winter the shower must be protected with a cloth, and at the time of re-use in spring, the use of an anti-scale product will allow the shower head to offer the same performance as when it was purchased. The shower is a fixed element of the garden that cannot be disassembled, only the shower head can be removed. Every year new models of garden showers are presented because the customer is always more demanding and careful in the choice of this product, which, as we have seen, can also be transformed into a design object.