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The roof garden, in itself, shows an original beauty and offers those who have one, of being able to be immersed in nature, even if they live in the city. It is a real wellness corner, where you can relax, forgetting, at least for a moment, the daily routine. During the design phase of the roof garden, the choice of plants and flowers, in addition to being carried out based on the tastes of the customer, is also made based on the sun exposure of the same terrace. It is first of all essential that the plants are in a suitable climatic environment and that they receive the right solar radiation daily. The plants housed inside planters represent an important complement where the planter itself also becomes relevant, just think of how large the choice on the market is and also the possibility of combining it with the rest of the furniture already present on the terrace. Well yes, where of course there is enough space, it is possible to use the roof garden as an area where you can eat outside. The furniture is chosen according to the customer's tastes and can range from the most economical materials to the more expensive ones. A hanging garden is also completed with storage benches or simple benches. The container bench is rather useful because inside it is possible to store the cushions, the tools for gardening but also the accessories to be used in the garden (candles, vases and so on). The bench is necessary to create not only another area of ​​the garden from which to enjoy the beauty of the plants but also to have more seats if you organize parties with friends. The bench can also be used next to the table to replace the chairs. Although it is a hanging garden, it can always be enriched with statues. Today the choice is mainly based on two models: classic and modern ones. The model of classical statue is usually made of stone and depicts images to which we are now accustomed, while the modern statue has a more essential and minimalist style, often alternative materials are also used to be able to realize it. Naturally the choice must always adapt to the style of the garden, if it has been given a rather classic imprint, it will be necessary to orientate oneself on a 'classical' statue if the garden follows modern lines better to insert a more contemporary statue. The element of water in the garden where there is the necessary space must certainly not be lacking, first of all because it is a natural element and then because it is very pleasant to listen to the sound of flowing water. In this case you can choose a fountain or a small pond. In the first case the fountains are of any type and model, therefore also of small dimensions to fit into rather small hanging gardens. Obviously we must always bear in mind the weight of the fountain, therefore we will orientate ourselves on rather light materials, in most cases, we choose fountains formed by a series of rocks in plastic, from which flows the water that is collected in a container . Let's not forget that this piece of furniture also requires the right lighting, therefore, where it will be inserted it will also be necessary to position elements to have a pleasant night-time visual impact. When you decide to insert a small pond, it is generally done to have aquatic plants too, but you should always bear in mind the drawbacks. First of all we must rely on specialized and competent people who will also be able to tell if it will be possible to realize it, and if it is feasible, it is good to know that stagnant water certainly attracts mosquitoes and therefore the terrace space during the summer must be protected by the presence of special lamps or products against mosquitoes.

Where to buy

The furnishing accessories for the roof garden can be purchased at all outdoor furniture stores but also at gardening outlets. If you are looking for complements made with rather particular materials, you must go to a well-stocked store or alternatively check if they are for sale on the internet. The network offers an excellent opportunity to usually search for accessories that have recently been introduced on the market. The costs vary greatly depending on the type of complement and the material with which it is made. Among other things, since they are just complements, they can be purchased calmly even after completing the construction work for the hanging garden

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Starting today, you will actually have the chance to discover a series of useful information about a topic like that of hanging gardens, linked to the history of Babylon and still able to divide scholars on their actual need.
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