Garden furniture

Garden wells


The well allows water to be used to water the garden, the garden but also to fill the pool. The well, today, is an important element that more and more often becomes part of the design of the garden, we always prefer to design it during the construction of the garden to avoid subsequently ruining the appearance. Among other things, it is also a cost that in this context would become part of the overall budget for the construction of the garden.


The well has a long history, its origins date back to ancient times, when it was the only solution not only to water but also to have water to drink. The techniques for digging it were naturally primitive, and there certainly were no controls that today it is possible to have, but they have represented an excellent solution for many populations. Over time, the techniques for digging the well have been refined and therefore the well has started to be a solution increasingly chosen by those who above all needed to irrigate the garden. Today the well is an excellent solution also to fill the pool, obviously after having subjected the water to specific analyzes. At one time the well had no electrically operated system but the water was pulled to the surface through a pulley to which a bucket was tied, today the well can also be equipped with a system that uses the current to bring water to the surface without no effort. The well, however, on an aesthetic level, can always be externally coated as was the case with the 'original' well to give it a rather characteristic appearance that can also be integrated into the garden itself.

Techniques for digging a well

The well defined as artesian digs using a drill, naturally it will be necessary to contact specialized companies for excavation. It may happen that the point where you started drilling does not give good results and therefore you can decide to move to another point. The depth of the excavation is variable and it is excavated until the right point of the aquifer is found. Once the well has been built, it is the responsibility of the customer to turn to specialized centers for checking and analyzing water to check whether the water could be used for example to fill the pool or not.


The law 5.1.94 of 1994 the n. 36 establishes that whoever has a well must have the concession and pay the water because it is established that all the waters, except those rain must be burdened by a concession. All the wells made after 1994 must first have obtained an express concession, to give way to the works.

Garden wells: Construction times

To build a well you need to turn to specialized companies, which have the means to carry out the 'digging'. There is no definite time to build a well, since a lot depends on how long it takes to find the aquifer, since it can also happen that we must decide to give up or change the area to drill. The auger is a rather impressive machine, which performs a continuous action, and this certainly allows to optimize times. Before starting work, you can also request a quote to get an idea of ​​the cost of the work. Certainly the use of well water would replace the drinking water to wash the car for example or to connect the garden irrigation system, the advantages are many, and then once executed it is always available for use, but on the other hand, costs must always be considered. The actual need for a well, especially in those agricultural areas that have no other water supply, really becomes fundamental.