Garden furniture

Garden cushions


The garden cushion has a specific usefulness: it allows to make the seat much more comfortable, as well as embellish the chair itself. The outdoor sofas are made of very resistant materials, such as aluminum and wrought iron, which, however, are also quite uncomfortable. When buying a garden living room, it may happen that the cushions are already included in the living room itself, in other cases it may happen that the cushions must be purchased separately. The shape of the cushion is appropriate to the shape of the armchair or sofa. The pillow has a rather soft and thick padding, in order to support the weight of the person well. The garden cushions that are used for the armchair cover both the backrest and the seat, and can be connected to it either by means of laces or by means of tear-off systems. Even the sofa can be covered with cushions, and even in this case the padding layer is rather thick. Thinner pillows are used for garden chairs.

The lining and washing

Almost all models are removable, and this allows you to easily wash the cover. Washing must follow the instructions expressly indicated on the label, otherwise the fabric may shrink and therefore the cover may no longer be the right size. Since these are fabrics that will cover outdoor seating, they are rather resistant and, in the case of stains, these can be easily removed with the use of a brush. Advice can also be requested directly from the retailer. When the fabric of the garden cushion is worn it must be replaced with a new cover. If you have purchased an outdoor living room, it is also possible that the same company offers the customer the possibility of being able to replace the cover. If this is not the case, then an upholsterer is used or you can buy fabric and make custom-made covers.


When buying a garden lounge, choosing the right cushion is very important. There are those who prefer the pillow to be an integral part of the seat, and those who want the pillow to be moved and not tied to the seat itself. The most commonly used fabric for covering garden cushions is cotton, avoiding too delicate fabrics that tend to be damaged. The choice of color is often oriented on very light shades, which are easy to match with any type of material with which the garden lounge has been created. It is also true that shades such as sand, white, ivory white tend more easily to get dirty, especially if placed in an external environment. It is unusual to see garden cushions in very bright shades or with patterned fabrics, the tendency to bring a touch of color through garden cushions, perhaps coordinating them with other accessory elements, has become more frequent, especially in recent years. In a house by the sea, garden cushions could be chosen in shades of blue, to recall the color of the sea, in a country villa, they could be chosen in very dark shades such as plum or deep blue, to contrast with the surrounding greenery. In the case of sofas, in addition to the cushion that affects both the seat and the backrest, other small rectangular or round cushions can be added. In this case the imagination and the choice of the color could be in contrast to create a lively game that goes to cheer up the environment itself.


There are many outdoor structures that are left in the garden even during the winter period. In the case of cushions, however, these should be stored in a dry and clean place. Leaving them outdoors would bring the pillow to wet due to the rains and thus to ruin, thus becoming unusable. It may be useful to have a bench where you can store them.

Garden cushions: Wide range of choice

The choice to use or not garden cushions is entirely personal, there are those who believe that the pillow covers the structure and therefore the beauty of the armchair itself, and who thinks it is essential to make the seat more comfortable. The same chaise lounges can be covered with cushions. The most contemporary models present it in its basic version, with the possibility of choosing by the customer whether or not to add a pillow. Having replacement pillows covers allows you to use them throughout the summer. It is preferable to avoid using them without any cover because the padding, once damaged, must be completely replaced. If the garden cushion is purchased separately from the seat, the cost fluctuates depending on the shape, size and covering fabric; these are characteristic elements to pay attention to when going to a store for purchase.