Garden furniture

Garden candles


The candle represents an element that today is enjoying great success, to be used both for the interior space and for the external space. Referring in particular to garden candles, we can indicate several models, since the same shops specializing in outdoor furniture offer more and more novelties. At one time, the garden candle was known in the classic version of 'lemongrass'. This was a candle made with citronella oils, housed in an aluminum or terracotta container, which was essentially used to remove mosquitoes. The size of these candles was quite large, and once lit, they gave off an odor that served to drive away insects. Today they are still sold, but rather than this kind of candles, we often prefer to use other systems against mosquitoes, and we choose to give the garden candle a different identity

White and scented candles

Thanks to the candle holder, made mostly of wrought iron, the candles can also be hung on the branches of the trees, so as to make their foliage seem illuminated. The garden candle can be chosen in the classic version or in the perfumed version. The classic candle can be white or colored, has no fragrance, but only the purpose of illuminating. They can be placed at the edge of a pool, on a table, or positioned to create a path along the path that leads to the dining area. The size is varied, all types are found, small, medium and large, and can be chosen based on the effect you want to create. The scented garden candles, in addition to illuminating, give off a pleasant scent. It is better to avoid too intense fragrances, especially if the garden has very odorous plants. Scented garden candles are often used in the relaxation area.

Candle holder

Candles can be placed with their normal support with which they are sold or bases can be purchased to support them. In this case, multiple candles can be purchased, or large glass lanterns, where large candles can be placed. The larger the candle, the greater its duration, so for an evening with friends it is good to prefer rather large candles. The cost varies depending on whether you choose small or large candles, perfumed or not. The candles can also be lit by means of a special candle light, very practical and convenient.

Floating candles

The most interesting garden candles are certainly the floating candles. Very special, they can be used both in the pool, in a fountain, and in a small pond. It is a type of candle that creates a very particular effect reflected in the body of water in which it is placed. You can find different shapes (star, flower), and different colors.

The atmosphere

Candles are born to create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere. The summer garden, lit only with candles, is certainly very special. The soft light also allows for a very relaxing atmosphere. The light is undoubtedly proportionate to the number of candles that are placed in the area where one decides, for example, to organize a party. Moreover, there are those who prefer to combine the use of candles with the use of traditional lamps. Should you choose to exclusively use candles for lighting, both for the walkways, the dining area and the relaxation area, you will need to buy large candles that can last for the entire evening. If the candle is not housed in a candle holder high enough, the diffused light spreads only on the ground, but if you want medium lighting, you will need taller candle holders. For the dining area, the candles can also be placed in a candelabra, to decorate the table as if you were inside. Paying particular attention to the choice of candles in their shape and color, it will be possible to set up your own garden also following a specific theme. With a little creativity and imagination, garden candles will offer an unforgettable atmosphere, which can be made even more special by using floating candles. The only attention should be given to children, if they are present, because they could risk burning, especially if the candles are not protected inside a closed candle holder.

Garden candles: Where to buy

Garden candles can be purchased both at outdoor furniture stores and in other types of shops. If you are looking for special candles or unusual fragrances, you can also search online, where you are always up to date on news. There are no more or less beautiful candles, there are only garden candles that can be of your own taste, also in relation to the furnishings. Since the candle, once lit, exhausts its function within an evening, you can also decide to let yourself go to the choice of candles with a particular and perhaps slightly bizarre aesthetic.