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The wooden floors are present on the market as outdoor flooring, in reality they have a very classic and traditional look which is given to the garden itself using this type of flooring. Many believe that the wooden floor is only suitable for indoor environments but in reality it is not. Those who decide to buy this type of floor for their garden are aware of giving the garden a certainly classic look. Wood has always been part of the outdoor space, today the lines can be changed in furnishing accessories but the raw material used always remains the same. Moreover, the wood gives a more 'familiar' appearance, comfortable to the garden and therefore this makes it particularly suitable also for the garden.


Wooden floors are treated with special substances that make them quite suitable for the weather and resistant to atmospheric agents. Wood is a natural element that must necessarily be treated in order to guarantee a rather long duration over time. The thickness of the floor varies according to the type of floor chosen but is still rather resistant. There are some versions of wooden floors that have been treated with natural oils so as not to cover the veins and make the wood appear as if it had just been cut. Generally we choose hardwoods that have a greater resistance, so that the customer can intervene with minor maintenance work as late as possible. When we talk about maintenance, we refer to interventions related to the care of the wood itself that inevitably after several years certainly begins to show the first signs of wear. If you intervene on time, the wooden floor can guarantee a really long duration. The outdoor wooden floor can be composed of wooden planks that must be fixed next to each other just like for indoor wooden floors, or it can be composed of a series of modules that fit together . This last solution is the one preferred by those who love DIY because in a short time it is possible to realize an excellent outdoor wooden flooring without having to ask for the intervention of a specialized worker. The wooden flooring generally approaches a piece of furniture also made of wood and is often found not only where the dining area is present but also around the pool. As is well known, many outdoor swimming pools are covered in wood to give them a more pleasing appearance; the same wood will then be used to create a sort of platform and steps around the pool so that you can access them more comfortably. Wood has always been a well integrated element in the garden so it could not be missing in the flooring category. When the works are entrusted to a specialized company they will be themselves to indicate what could be the most suitable type of floor but the customer will still make the choice according to his own tastes and also according to his own economic needs.

Where to buy

Wooden floors can be purchased at all DIY stores but also at outdoor furniture stores. It is a floor that in the simplest version can be mounted directly by the customer by following simple instructions. For those who instead wish to have a particular outdoor wood floor both as regards the choice of wood and as regards its installation, then it is preferable to go directly to a carpenter emphasizing the need to have a wood treated in such a way as to showing itself to be durable and indifferent to any meteorological adversity.


The costs related to a wooden floor depend very much on the type of wood chosen, by laying it personally the only cost to be faced will be relative only to the purchase of the material; labor cost. A floor made personally by a carpenter will surely have a considerably higher cost than that purchased at a shop because the craftsmanship of the floor must be considered, and it will be necessary to wait for quite long times as all the working processes will be carried out directly by the carpenter.

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