Garden furniture

Zen gardens


A Zen garden is an excellent opportunity to learn to admire the flowers and fruits, to remain still enchanted by the cycle of life that follows the seasons, forgetting for a moment of the habitual hectic life. The Zen garden if chosen with awareness has a totally different meaning from those who choose it only for tendency. A Zen garden is made up of rather basic, and above all unsolicited, elements. Those who fall in love with this particular garden are struck by its beauty despite not having too many garden furnishings. When in a zen garden there is a water area, which can be represented either by a waterfall or a pond but also by a fountain, this must be present in a very specific point of the garden to prevent it from 'bringing tears'. Too many sources of water could portend this, so each element must be chosen with great care. The Zen garden is made up of rather simple and natural elements such as gravel, which is shaped by the use of a rake. Drawing continuous lines decorates not only the gravel itself, but a precise meaning is attributed to this continuous line. Choosing a fountain for a Zen garden requires the choice of a particular and specific model, namely a Zen fountain. Certainly the model is very different from the classic fountains that we are used to seeing in Italian gardens and what is certainly surprising is its simplicity. Even in small Zen gardens the fountain finds a perfect placement, since there are all sizes. Nothing prevents those who have little space available to still be able to organize the space in such a way as to create a Zen garden. For particular advice, you can contact a specialist dealer for Zen garden items.

Where to buy

The furnishings for a Zen garden in Italy are starting to spread, even if they are not present in all gardening stores. It is still a type of garden known above all to those who have decided to approach the Zen philosophy and therefore, many original accessories are really difficult to find. On the net it is possible to have more possibilities both by searching among specialized shops and at sites that sell what is also necessary for the Zen garden. Anyone wishing to have original Japanese garden accessories can always orientate a search at Japanese sites. In Italy many of the articles present, often are not original, and this allows you to buy them even at a lower cost. before starting to design a zen garden it is advisable to read up carefully if you do not have a basic knowledge of zen gardening. In the libraries it is possible to find several interesting texts that will certainly help to clarify the ideas. When addressing a specialized garden design company, and you want to have a Zen garden built, you must always check that they have experience and are able to do so. Creating a Zen garden on its own presupposes a basic knowledge and know how to acquire the right elements, then gradually approaching the Zen philosophy.

Zen Gardens: Costs

The cost of the accessories for the zen garden furnishings varies according to the chosen complement but above all if it is an original object or not. Zen fountains in Italy are starting to be quite widespread, but may not be made with original materials and then the cost is considerably lower. Of course it is a very personal choice, because if you want an authentic Zen garden, you will only orientate yourself to original complements, but if you want to give the Zen impression to the garden without spending too much, then the choice will be oriented to complements similar to the original. To get an idea about the costs, go to a shop that specializes in selling items for Zen gardens or do a quick search on the internet and maybe doing so you can also find interesting opportunities. On the internet the models can be compared and the price-quality ratio can also be checked. Obviously, the product will only actually be considered when it is delivered because it can be seen personally. If it does not correspond to the requested object, it can always be returned to the sender requesting reimbursement of the sum paid, of course following the due times.