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External accessories - Mosquitoes


In an outdoor environment it is normal for insects to be present, but when the garden is lived for the whole day, the presence of mosquitoes can become very annoying. Usually the ideal place for their reproduction is in the areas where there is stagnant water, so above all where there is a fountain or a pond, or even just water in the under pots. At one time, one was used to that annoying buzz only during the night, but today, with the presence of the tiger mosquito, the problem has also become diurnal. In fact, this mosquito is present especially during the first hours of the morning and immediately after sunset, that is in the time slots in which in summer it is preferred to go out because the temperature is more pleasant. This has also changed the behavior of most people, since the sting of this insect is certainly more annoying than that of the traditional mosquitoes to which one was accustomed.

Resolution methods inside

To overcome this problem, it is necessary to use some precautions, such as installing mosquito nets on the house windows or adopting other methods that can keep these insects as far away as possible. Referring to the classic methods used to remove mosquitoes, we cannot fail to mention the use of aromatic plants, such as basil, which has always been considered an anti-mosquito plant. Furthermore, the use of citronella, and other substances such as insecticides and electric diffusers, are other tools that can protect the interior of our home from this annoying insect.

External resolution methods

When you are in the garden you need to find alternative solutions. The anti-mosquito lamps have been specially created to be installed in the garden dining area, as well as the accessories that use ultrasound. Each is free to use the method it deems most appropriate, however each solution can be suitable only in reference to the limited size of the space, as is also reported on the packaging of ultrasound systems. For more information, please contact the center where the mosquito protection system is purchased. The shops that deal with garden furniture dedicate entire shelves to the most varied methodologies from which it is possible to choose to have targeted solutions in order to remove this insect. The use of insecticides is often not recommended, either because it is not a closed environment, it easily disperses, thus losing its effectiveness with greater ease, and because it has a rather limited duration. Alternatively, citronella is used, a substance that should keep mosquitoes away thanks to the smell, which is sold in the form of candles that should be lit for some time before using a certain space. Then there are the spray solutions, which are applied directly to the skin, of which the market presents various choices, to give the possibility to anyone to use them, from children to the elderly. Ultimately, if you prefer a fixed solution, which allows you to make a single expense that may be final to solve the mosquito problem, you will have to focus on specific outdoor accessories that keep them away. The tiger mosquito is present from the early hours of the morning and therefore the ultrasound accessory must always remain lit in order to avoid finding itself at the end of the day with a widespread itching all over the body.

External accessories - Mosquitoes: Importance of accessories

Whether or not they are more or less subject to mosquito bites, to protect themselves in any case it is always good to prevent them by acquiring these systems. To verify the effective functioning it is necessary to buy them keeping in mind that a lot depends also on the conditions in which that system is put into operation. For example, in a garden that has a small waterfall or a small pond, the number of mosquitoes attracted by stagnant water will certainly be greater than in a garden where there is no such condition. The problem of mosquitoes is inevitably exacerbated with the arrival of summer, which is why it is necessary to start looking for the most targeted solutions from the spring period and check if there are alternatives. Only by keeping constantly updated is it possible to identify the best method to defeat these insects, even though this is a rather difficult undertaking, especially outside, where this type of mosquito reproduces more easily.