Garden furniture

Pool accessories


Pool accessories can be purchased at the same store where you buy the pool. The customer has the possibility to buy them both when he chooses the pool and afterwards. One of the most purchased accessories is the ladder, which represents an indispensable element as it facilitates the entry and exit from the tub, even when it comes to small pools. The market offers a wide choice of models: the ladder can be internal, external, made of aluminum or wood, or, for inground masonry pools, built directly inside the tank, so the step is also a convenient base on which to sit while remaining with the body immersed in water. The ladder that is most commonly purchased is aluminum or plastic, while wooden models are usually combined with pools that have the same coating. The cost varies depending on the material chosen but in any case it is quite accessible.

The trampoline

The trampoline is another very important accessory, it is a sort of table, placed at a certain height by the water, which is used for diving. It is installed only where there are in-ground pools that have a considerable depth, in virtue of the fact that the body falls into the water causing a certain impact, and there must be the necessary height for damage to be avoided. For this reason, the trampoline becomes an accessory limited only to those who have a rather large pool. Moreover, especially in the presence of children who cannot swim, it is necessary that the trampoline is used only under close supervision by the parents.

Wellness accessories

To make the pool a place where not only to bathe, but where you can also relax and regenerate, without moving from the garden of your own home, it is advisable to choose a hydromassage system. Those who have little space available, can choose a swimming pool with built-in hydromassage, to have the possibility both of a bath in which to dive for bathing, and to activate the whirlpool and enjoy this pleasant sensation on the body every time if he feels the need. The cost, compared to some years ago, has become much more accessible, and this causes the pool to become a place of well-being. In addition to hydromassage, you can also choose other comforts, such as chrome therapy. There is also counter-current swimming, which is created by a machine that generates the effect of a counter-current, and can be installed both at the time of pooling and afterwards. This is an accessory widely used even in public pools, fun for both small and large.

The cloth

The sheet is an indispensable system to prevent the water from getting dirty, but also to avoid heat dispersion. The one used during the winter period must have a rather rigid structure and must be able to cover the entire perimeter of the tank. The covering system with shutters is an automatic system, very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, which completely closes the tank. The closing systems of this kind can be either submerged or external, depending on the type of pool.

Other types of accessories

In small pools, if it is not already present, it is necessary to purchase the housing for the chlorine, and in any case it is useful to have a screen for the surface water cleaning. Furthermore, if the pool is rather small, it is good to have either a garden shower or a bucket with water where you can easily rinse your feet, to avoid bringing dirt into the tub. When the pool is made of plastic it can also be emptied: to do this it is good to use an aspirator, to avoid unnecessary efforts. Moreover, once disassembled, it must be folded and possibly wrapped in a cloth, to protect it from sudden changes in temperature and dirt.

Pool accessories: Importance of accessories

Each type of pool always needs adequate cleaning and specific products needed. This is why it is essential, even for the purchase of accessories, to contact only specialized sales points. The alarm systems designed specifically to protect both children and pets offer protection and a guarantee especially for those who decide to build a very large inground pool. Fencing systems even prevent them from approaching the water, but even when they are present, children go