To cultivate the crassula

To cultivate the crassula:

There crassula It is one of the most popular succulents as an ornamental plant; it is cultivated in a good porous soil which is not excessively rich, very well drained, so that the roots do not remain immersed in the water for a long time; we water from March to September, but only when the ground is definitely very well dry. In the same period we supply small doses of fertilizer, using a specific product for succulent plants, not more often than a couple of times a month. These plants prefer not excessively capacious containers, so let's remember to grow them in pots slightly larger than the earth bread present around the roots. They are grown outdoors, from April to September, in a very bright but not excessively sunny place: direct sunlight can burn the foliage, which takes on a reddish-brown color. In the remaining months it is grown in a cold greenhouse, away from frost but not in a heated place. They fear the attack of the cochineal very much.