Exposed wood treatment

Exposed wood treatment:

The wooden artifacts, such as tables, gazebos, pergolas, which we keep throughout the year in the garden, need periodic treatments to prevent the wood from decaying, losing its solidity, and forcing us to replace the table or the pergola. The quickest and easiest way to maintain our wooden objects over time is to treat them with impregnating agent. Objects of good quality are generally already treated with a basic impregnated, which allows us to leave them outdoors for a few years without problems. Every 2-3 years, however, it will be necessary to repeat the treatment operation, to always keep the wood healthy. First of all proceed with a quick cleaning of the product, using a microfibre cloth; then sand all the wood in order to remove impurities and smooth the surface. At this point, a first coat of impregnation is applied: these are often fairly liquid products, so be careful not to let the product drip. We also avoid putting too much impregnated or pulling it too much. We wait for the first coat to dry, and repeat the sanding operation. At this point we pass a second coat of impregnating, always taking care to pull it correctly. If we have exceeded at the end we pass over the surface the dry brush, which will remove the excesses.