Beucarnea, also called nolina, is a semi-succulent shrub native to Central and South America, where it reaches the size of a small tree. In pot it has a very slow growth and generally does not exceed 100-150 cm in height. It is a beautiful evergreen plant, with a thick succulent stem, and a thick crown, which develops in tufts. It is grown in apartments, as it does not tolerate temperatures below 10-12 ° C. It prefers very bright locations, even sunny ones if possible; avoid placing it in a place without ventilation and light, because it would quickly be attacked by the cochineal. It is cultivated in small containers, where it seems to tend to develop at its best, in a good soil which is not excessively rich, but very well drained. Fears excess watering, and it is good to water it only during the summer, when the soil is dry. Periodically we cut with the scissors clean the tips of the leaves that result buckets or ruined.