Irrigation system positioning

Irrigation system positioning:

The irrigation system allows us to use a timer, which will periodically water our garden, even when we are not present at home; after designing the irrigation system on paper, let's get everything we need, remembering to buy a few more meters of piping and some sprinklers in excess. Then with the help of pegs and a sturdy wire, we trace the path that our pipe will have to make on the ground; with the help of a spade we will now have to dig a small trench, about 20 cm wide, and just as deep; this trench must contain our piping. If we are afraid of ruining the turf, let us help ourselves with a plastic sheet, which we will place on the lawn while we dig, to contain the removed soil. Once the whole trench has been prepared, we can proceed with the laying of the pipe: we position the pipe on the bottom of our channel, placing fittings if necessary; then we place the sprinklers where we planned to put them, making sure that the sprinkler head is level with the ground. After this operation we turn on the system to check that all the sprinklers work and the hose connections do not leak. At this point we can reposition the lawn plates that we removed.