Construction of a bird nest

Construction of a bird nest:

It is not very complicated to build a small artificial nest for birds, to hang from the trees in our garden or in the city park. We buy a few wooden panels in a hobby shop, often at least a couple of centimeters, possibly of fir, so that it is naturally resistant to rain and weather. If we want the nest to be more resistant over the years we can treat one side of the panels with linseed oil, so as to waterproof it; this side will be placed outside the nest, not in contact with the birds that will enter it. On the panel we draw the parts that make up the nest: we will have to build a box with a rectangular base, with the upper part covered by a sloping roof; the maximum height of the box should be between 25 and 35 cm, the side will be about 15-25 cm, in order to allow the nesting of the greatest number of bird species present in our gardens. The back wall of the nest will therefore be a rectangle of 25-35 cm for 15-25 cm; the front one will be lower by about 5-7 cm, while the side walls will have the upper side oblique, to join the two front and rear walls. The bottom will be 15-25 cm on the side; on this part we practice some small holes with the drill, 3-4 may suffice, to allow proper ventilation. The roof will be a few centimeters larger than the bottom, in order to guarantee a shelter edge for the entrance and the sides of the nest. On the front wall we will drill a hole of about 3-4 cm in diameter, to allow entry to small birds. Fix the various sides using screws, which allow a strong and resistant seal; if instead we intend to use nails we remind to fix the sides also using vinyl glue. If we intend to use the nest for several years, we equip the roof with a hinge, so as to be able to open the nest, after it has been used, to clean it easily.