Set up a compost

Set up a compost:

We can prepare a pile for composting simply by stacking the material we intend to compost. We identify an easily accessible area of ​​the garden, not too close to the borders of the garden, possibly in half-shade, or rather in the shade of a deciduous tree, so that it receives sun in winter and shade in summer. If we intend to keep the heap more compact we can also surround the area in which to make composting with a fine-mesh metal net, which will keep the material for the most cohesive composting. This net will be rolled up to form a cylinder, about one meter in diameter; we fix the net with fasteners that keep it in position, and cover it with dark colored non-woven fabric, which prevents the sun from reaching the pile. We keep a large piece of non-woven fabric aside, we will use it as the cover of our composter. We place our cylinder in the chosen place, then we begin to fill it with the material to be composted, which will also keep the cylinder still; on the bottom we lay a little of already mature soil, then we alternate layers of dried vegetable or kitchen waste with layers of wet waste: so for example a thin layer of herbs and a layer of dry leaves. After each insertion of material we mix with the aid of the spade or a simple stick, and cover with dark non-woven fabric, which will prevent rainfall from entering the composter directly, excessively increasing humidity.