Plant a rock garden

Plant a rock garden:

The plants of the rock garden prefer very loose and draining soils, which make the excesses of watering slip away, but which remain fresh even during the hot summer days. To bury a new plant in our rock garden, we prepare the space that will have to contain it; first, if necessary, we have new rocks, which will stem the soil in which the plant will be cultivated, the substratum thus isolated from the external environment, will guarantee an ideal microclimate for the plant we have chosen. In the space created between the rocks, we work the soil thoroughly, adding fresh, slightly manure leaf mold to improve the mixture of the garden soil; to guarantee an excellent drainage we add to the substrate also a good quantity of sand and pumice stone with medium granulometry, so as to create a porous and fresh soil, also rich in mineral substances. At this point we introduce the young plant, taking care to leave a good space around the plant, to allow it to develop at its best; we bury the plant only up to the collar, avoiding over-drowning it, to prevent the possible development of fungal diseases due and water stagnation. Then we compress the soil with the back of a scoop and water abundantly.