Plant aquatic plants

Plant aquatic plants:

There are numerous species of aquatic plants, some of which bury themselves at the edges of the water, others inside, others still float on the surface of the water. Planting floating aquatic plants simply consists of letting them float in our water mirror; let us remember only that many of these floating species are invasive, it is therefore advisable to periodically check their development, removing one third of the specimens a couple of times a year. The species that prefer moist soils but do not need to be completely immersed are instead buried on the banks of ponds or small ponds; to prevent the operation from becoming very difficult due to the water, we can put them down after partially emptying our pond, so that we can work more comfortably; in any case, let's place them carefully, and if necessary, place some pebbles on the surface of the ground, which will keep the plant in place for the time necessary to root it deeper on the shores of the water. As for the plants that sink their roots in the ground that is located at the bottom of the water surface are usually placed inside special plastic baskets; inside the basket the roots of the aquatic plant cell chosen by us are placed, then they are covered with gravel must, with some pebbles; this mixture will guarantee the basket a good weight, which will therefore keep it at the bottom of the pond, preventing it from floating on the surface of the water. In some cases these baskets can be anchored to the bottom of the pond, fixing them to the bottom with hooks or other supports.