A prebonsai pruning

Prebonsai pruning:

To cultivate a plant like bonsai you can start from a small shrub; It is important that the starting shrub is in good health, well luxuriant and developed. Let's look at it for a few seconds to better understand what shape we want to give our shrub over the years, while we transform it into bonsai. Then we proceed, removing all the branches of small dimensions, poorly developed or ruined. In a second time we also remove all the parts that unbalance the foliage of our future bonsai, eliminating most of the outermost branches, so as to favor the development of a more luxuriant and compact vegetation, with small sized foliage. It is essential to avoid cutting the branches randomly; we try to work having in mind what the shape we want to give to the plant over the years, what the main branches will be and how we want to shape the foliage.