Spatiseal cultivation

Spatiseal cultivation:

The spatifillo is a small herbaceous plant of tropical origin, of simple cultivation. It prefers well-lit positions, but we avoid placing the plant in places directly affected by sunlight, which could ruin the foliage, we prefer bright places, but without direct sun. The cultivation requests are simple: we try to keep the soil moist, but not soaked with water, watering it with good frequency, from March to October; during the cold months instead we water only sporadically, slightly moistening the substrate. To keep the root system healthy we avoid water stagnation, so we remove any water residues from the saucers and avoid watering with large amounts of water. Every 10-15 days we add water to the irrigation water for green plants. These plants prefer fresh climates, with temperatures above 12-15 ° C, all year long; and they also love humidity: to maintain high environmental humidity, remember to vaporize the leaves often with demineralized water; this operation is particularly useful during the hot and dry periods of the summer, but also during the winter, when the heating system excessively dries the air. The young specimens of spatifillo should be repotted every year, using good fresh soil; the adult specimens, on the other hand, can always remain in the same pot, but in spring we remove the surface layer of soil and replace it with good universal soil. If we want to get new plants from our spatifillo already large and well developed we can simply divide the head of leaves, repoting individually portions of the large rhizomatous roots: practicing this operation it is important to maintain at least 3-4 healthy and large leaves for each portion of rhizome practiced .