Prepare a soil for sowing

Prepare a plot for sowing:

Before planting the seeds of the lawn it is good to prepare the soil, so that the young seedlings can develop at their best and grow rapidly. It is essential that the soil is soft, rich and well permeable; before working it we remove any weeds or the previous lawn, with the help of a hoe or a rake. Then spread the organic fertilizer on the ground, which in addition to enriching the soil improves the dough; if the soil is very compact and clayey, add it together with sand and peat mixed together. Then we proceed by working the soil thoroughly and turning it over, with the help of a spade or rotary cultivator; in this way a layer of at least 35-40 cm will be soft and rich, suitable for receiving seeds. After having worked it, with a rake we level the surface, avoiding producing bumps or sunken areas, where the water would stagnate, bringing with it the seeds just laid. Then we proceed to sowing; we choose seeds of excellent quality, in the most suitable mixture for the place where we want to place the turf; to better spread the seeds we can mix them with sand, in this way we will see better where the seeds will fall on the ground. For 30-40 square meters of land we will need about a kilo and a half of seed. Once scattered the seeds we pass the surface with a roller, which will go to place the seeds themselves perfectly in contact with the ground. Then water so as to moisten the soil to a depth of about 15-20 cm; we remind that the water must be supplied to the lawn with suitable means, so that it does not create runoff on the surface of the ground, which would move the seeds: we therefore use a very vaporized jet.