Lay a hedge

Lay a hedge:

To facilitate the burial of the plants that make up a hedge, proceed together hedging them all together, in this way they will be positioned more precisely and identically. First of all, consider that between each plant we will have to leave about 50-75 cm of space, so let's get the right number of plants needed for the entire length of the area to be planted with a hedge. Then we plant two small poles at the two ends of the area where we will put the hedge and we wrap a wire to the two poles, in this way we will have a straight line that will help us to arrange the plants correctly. Along the line traced by the wire we practice an excavation, about twice as deep as the depth at which we will place the seedlings; within this excavation we place fresh and rich soil, mature manure, or earthworm humus, and we work the new earth with part of that removed. At this point we position the shrubs one by one, taking care to position them at regular intervals; we also remember to plant the plants at the right depth, avoiding to drown them excessively and also avoiding leaving the roots uncovered. After having placed each plant, we cover the root system well with additional garden soil, mixed with rich and soft universal soil; with the feet we press the soil well near the stem of each shrub, so as to remove any pockets of air present in the substrate and guaranteeing the right stability to the shrub. After placing all the plants, remove the pegs with the wire and water the soil thoroughly.