Arrange the plants in the apartment

Arrange the plants in the apartment:

The plants that we grow in the apartment often come from tropical places, with a humid and fairly constant climate. To always have them luxuriant and well developed it is good to pay attention to where we place them. As a first rule we avoid placing our plants where they cannot have enough space to develop: the large ficus or palm trees must have a space around them equal to about two thirds their height, so that passing will not ruin the outermost branches and therefore younger. If a houseplant develops exceeding the height of the ceiling of our house, remember to prune it, shortening it so that the top is at least 30-35 cm from the ceiling. Smaller plants, on the other hand, can also be placed above a shelf or on special multi-storey cabinets, always avoiding placing them in too narrow positions or craming too many nearby plants and maintaining good ventilation around them. As for all the plants, then we remind you that each one has specific requirements regarding light and humidity, in any case it is good to avoid placing a plant in an excessively shaded place or in a room that remains dark for many hours a day ; instead we choose the brightest areas of the house. If our house is particularly poor in light before buying a new plant we ask information to a good nurseryman, choosing only those plants that can survive even in dark and shady places: in this way our plants will grow healthy despite the poor lighting. During the winter months the heating system causes a strong lowering of the environmental humidity, often a negative factor for most plants; we remember during the months in which the domestic heating is active, to vaporize frequently the foliage of our plants, in order to increase the environmental humidity; even better if we have a humidifier, to be placed near the green corner of our house. We also remember to avoid placing plants near radiators, fireplaces or windows; near heat sources they risk burning themselves, just like our skin would do, causing irreparable damage to the plants; near windows or doors, on the other hand, they can suffer sudden temperature changes, which often cause the loss of foliage or flowers.