Weed out and cure the bulbs in winter

Weed out and cure the bulbs in winter:

Most summer bulbous plants fear frost, and cannot be left in the ground all winter. If we live in an area with particularly mild winters we can simply cover the ground in the area where the bulbs are present with a layer of a few centimeters of straw, bark or dry leaves, which will preserve the bulbs from the most intense cold. If, on the other hand, where we live winters are harsh it is advisable to remove the bulbs from the ground. After all the leaves have withered we proceed, with the help of a small hoe, to dig up the bulbs, being careful not to damage them or dent them; then clean them from the soil that covers them and place them to dry in a dry place, preferably in the sun. When the bulbs are well cleaned and dry we will have to preserve them from humidity, light and cold. To achieve this, the cleaned bulbs are usually placed in a tightly woven bag, filled with a few handfuls of sawdust, which will absorb any traces of moisture. The container should not be overfilled, and the bulbs should not be crammed too large; if we have to keep numerous bulbs we can also place them in boxes, well spaced and covered with very dry sawdust. Bags and boxes should therefore be placed in a dark, cool and dry place; the ideal is a not too damp cellar, or a closet in an area of ​​the unheated house.