Grow flat azaleas

Growing apartment azaleas:

The flat azaleas belong to species of Asian origin, which fear the cold, therefore particularly suitable for cultivation at home, in a sheltered and bright place. We choose the position for our azalea remembering to avoid proximity with direct heat sources, such as stoves or radiators, to prevent the foliage from being dried up by excessive heat. At the same time, azaleas need to be grown in a bright place, but not exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The ideal place could be a stairwell or an entrance, with a good brightness and at the same time not too heated. The main requirement for indoor azaleas is water: we try to water these plants with great regularity, trying to keep the soil always slightly damp, but avoiding stagnation in the saucer. At the same time we avoid that the soil is always excessively soaked with water. To increase the environmental humidity, remember to vaporize the foliage frequently, but only when the plant is not in bloom, otherwise we would risk ruining the buds and the delicate corollas. After flowering we always remove the withered flowers, due to an aesthetic factor, but also to avoid leaving decomposing material between the leaves, where mold or rot could develop. At the end of flowering, every 2-3 years, we repot our azaleas, using specific soil for acidophilic plants, with acid ph; the use of unsuitable soil, and also watering with particularly calcareous water, can cause the yellowing of the azalea leaves, caused by a disease called chlorosis; to avoid the occurrence of these symptoms, or to alleviate them, it is advisable to use the most suitable soil, water the plants with poorly calcareous water, or provide every 4-6 months a soothing, iron-rich fertilizer available for the plants.