Sow in seed trays

Sow in the seed tray:

We fill the seed tray with excellent loam, consisting mainly of peat and perlite, to ensure good drainage. Once the seed tray is filled to about ѕ of depth, we will press the soil, trying to obtain a smooth surface, eliminating any lumps of peat and filaments. Using a sieve, we will sift a layer of 1-2 mm of soil, to create a good seed bed, then we recompact the earth trying to get a flat surface. We repeat this operation 2-3 times, until obtaining an optimal result; with the aid of a folded cardboard, where we will put the seed, we cover the entire surface of the tray, shaking the cardboard so as to allow the seeds to fall back, creating a homogeneous layer, avoiding the accumulation of seeds. Always with a sieve, we create a patina of 1-2 mm of soil on the seeds, alternatively it is also possible to use vermiculite or other inert substances. We press the substrate and we irrigate, using a nebulizer, avoiding to move the seeds. It is of primary importance to keep the substratum slightly damp, especially during germination and the first stages of development of young plants, so we also carry out the nebulization every day, avoiding the soil to dry completely.