Anthurium cultivation

Anthurium cultivation:

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anthurium cultivation
The antropur is a plant of tropical origin, easy to cultivate. Fears the cold, so it is grown in an apartment, in a vase. It needs a rich and loose substratum, which lets the large part of the water run down, but remains fresh and slightly damp, to simulate the tropical climate. A mixture composed of universal soil, peat and a small amount of shredded bark is generally used. Anthuriums are grown in a bright place, but away from direct sunlight, which could cause yellowing of the foliage; instead an excessively shaded and dark position leads to a scarce or completely absent flowering. Watering must be very regular, to be provided whenever the soil is dry, avoiding leaving water in the saucer for prolonged periods of time; remember to increase the frequency of watering during the hottest periods of the year and to reduce them during the winter. Throughout the year, anthuriums should be sprayed with demineralized water to maintain a high level of environmental humidity. Periodically we check the plant and remove at the base the withered flowers and the ruined foliage, using scissors with sharp and clean. As with many other foliage plants, anthuriums also tend to store the dust present in the apartment on the top of the leaves; every 3-4 months we clean the foliage gently, using a slightly damp microfibre cloth, in this way we will also remove any parasites.