Cuttings bonsai

Cuttings bonsai:

We take some healthy and luxuriant branches from the shrub that we want to propagate by cuttings. We prepare a very sharp pruning shear and the grafting knife. To make the cuttings root, we need a substrate made up of sand and peat in equal parts, with the peat well chopped up, already damp; with this compound we fill a small vase, which will bring the cuttings up to full rooting. From the branches taken previously we get portions about 7-10 cm long. We cut the woody base of the cuttings with the grafting knife, obtaining an oblique section; soak it briefly in the rooting hormone and then sink the cutting a couple of centimeters into the previously prepared soil. We repeat the operation for all the cuttings prepare, then we cimano the leaves in the superior part of the small twigs, and we remove the external half of the leaves present in the inferior part of the cuttings.